Sep 3, 2021
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Channel “Russia 24” took up arms against Morgenstern because of an interview with the Ukrainian “propagandist”

Journalists were outraged – Alisher contacted Dmitry Gordon.

Alisher Morgenstern and Dmitry Gordon Photo collage:

The new episode “Visiting Gordon” was released on August 31, 2021. The State Channel did not miss the chance to speak out. The YouTube report was comically titled: “Drunken nonsense. Why did Morgenstern confess to Gordon. “

Correspondent Georgy Podgorny said:

“The hero tells everything about himself to the Ukrainian propagandist, but before evaluating some of the clippings, you need to understand the context. Morgenstern in Ukraine is included in the list of threat to the national security of Ukraine ”.

Expert of the Institute of CIS Countries Ivan Skorikov confirmed:

“Morgenstern carries immoral principles, degradation and calls to violence.”

Dmitry Gordon interviews Morgenstern Photo: YouTube

Representatives of Russia 24 argued that Gordon’s interview was filled with lies and provocations. They did not give any examples. Most of all, they were touched by the conversation about the country of Gordon.

In an interview, Morgenstern burst into tears, recalling the tragedy in Odessa. He admitted that he was afraid to come there. Three years ago, on December 8, 2019, the musician gave a concert in the city on the Day of Mourning for the students and teachers who died during a fire in a college. In an interview, he revealed the lawlessness of the Ukrainian security service. The military destroyed the club, set fire to the tires and forced the director to apologize.


Federal television criticized the marriage of the freshman. It happened at the time of the interview. They called it buffoonery, because the newlyweds chose the style of the 90s. Reporters acted as rapper haters on the TV channel.

Television criticizes Gordon and Morgenstern. Nevertheless, in three days, the video with the interview scored 3.7 million views. Haters and fans alike have a huge interest in celebrities in 2021.

Olga Dobrotvorskaya

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