Jan 12, 2021
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Channel One presented a new film by Urgant and Posner

The initial channel presented to the audience the newest picture by Ivan Urgant and Vladimir Pozner. In it, the presenters talked about Japan.

Channel One presented a new film by Urgant and Posner

Yesterday, January 11, on Channel One a picture of Ivan Urgant and Vladimir Pozner about Japan was presented. The canvas is of a documentary nature and is called “Japan. Returnable Palestinian Kimono “.

This is not the first joint work of the leaders in the distance. Already many times Urgant and Pozner together traveled to entertaining countries and shot films about them, telling about traditions and culture. So, for example, in 2019 on Channel One, the entire series about the wanderings of Urgant and Posner through the Scandinavian regions was presented.

In the newly minted film, the presenters will tell the audience about the distinctive features of the Japanese, why this region adheres to “apart” from others, and much more.

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