Nov 7, 2021
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Chaliapin sat in a puddle after the death of his wife: I am an absolutely poor man

Prokhor Chaliapin has no money to repair the apartments donated by his deceased wife. The artist would very much like to rent out real estate.

Singer Prokhor Chaliapin is going through hard times. More recently, the artist lost his spouse just a few months after the wedding.

Because of the shocking image, the public doubted the sincerity of Chaliapin’s words and emotions, subjecting him to harsh criticism. At the same time, the press relished with pleasure all the details of the personal life of the finalist of the “Star Factory-6” project.

As it became known from the latest issue of the “You Won’t Believe!” Program, now Prokhor is faced with a new problem. The fact is that before her death, the singer’s wife Tatyana Davis managed to acquire several apartments in the Russian capital, which were decorated for Chaliapin.

The artist planned to rent them, but this requires repairs. Chaliapin simply has no money for such manipulations. The singer complained that he lives on the outskirts of Moscow and is experiencing financial difficulties. “I am an absolutely poor man,” the media quotes Chaliapin.

It is worth noting that the singer maintains good relations with the parents of his deceased wife. At the same time, they are well-to-do people and do not need material assistance. Tatiana Davis’s parents need only moral support and communication from Prokhor Chaliapin.

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