Jan 23, 2021
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Chairs for the conference hall from the furniture factory “Premiera”

Chairs for the conference hall from the furniture factory

High-quality furniture for conference rooms, theaters, universities and schools from the Premiera factory. Guaranteed cooperation and compliance with European standards.

A conference chair is an essential part of any public institution. This is the kind of furniture that is responsible for the comfort of guests and employees. A conference room, theater or auditorium presupposes the presence of comfortable furniture a priori, since the event held in it can be lengthy. But even a short stay in an institution, where every component is thought out, will leave a pleasant impression of him.

Furniture factory “Premiera”

Since 2005, the designers of the Ukrainian factory “Premiera” have been developing and implementing a large number of interesting projects. Their furniture is known at home and far beyond its borders. The offer, where each model is designed in a certain style (from classic to art loft), is incredibly extensive:

  • chairs for auditoriums and audiences;
  • chairs for conference hall visitors;
  • medical furniture, etc.

Chairs are soft, versatile, rigid, with or without a music stand – all this is offered by the Premiera furniture factory.

Chairs for the conference hall

In addition, additional accessories are produced here:

  • armrests;
  • hard numbers;
  • embroidery for numbers, logos, etc.

If you look at the offer as a whole, you can classify it in separate areas:

  • auditorium chairs;
  • multi-seat sections for waiting areas;
  • chairs for conference hall visitors;
  • armchairs for banquet halls and cafes;
  • upholstered furniture (sofas, armchairs, poufs);
  • equipment for auditoriums;
  • furniture for schools and universities;
  • medical furniture (couches, tables, bedside tables).
medical furniture

The last point is a separate structure, since the production of medical furniture has strict safety requirements.

Individual design

The designers of the “Premiera” factory offer standard versions and works made according to an individual project. In the work of the master, they take into account the specifics of the direction they are developing. With extensive experience, they are always ready to offer the best solution:

  • a chair or armchair can be part of a section or represent a separate unit.
  • material with specified characteristics (fabric, color) is another component of the project. The customer chooses this parameter independently or follows the recommendations of specialists.

The customer can follow the progress of work and make his own adjustments for the color scheme.


Buy quality furniture from a trusted manufacturer that has a proven track record of reliability in what it produces.

Premiere is constantly evolving, its projects cannot be called “frozen”. Having conquered their “Everest” once, the company’s designers move on. In production, the company uses not only modern technologies, but also traditional ones, to which no alternative has yet been found. The results of their work became obvious:

  • the quality of the furniture is confirmed by European certificates;
  • now “Premiere” is a bidder in the ProZorro public procurement system.

The factory offers an affiliate program for dealers, and we recommend using this offer. The guarantee for all products is confirmed by time and partners of the company. Medical furniture from the Premiera factory is delivered with a package of documents.

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