Oct 13, 2020
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Central Bank raised official dollar and euro rates

According to the official exchange rates set by the Central Bank for October 14, the dollar rose in price by 26.16 kopecks, the euro rose by 6.95 kopecks.

As of October 14, the dollar exchange rate is set at 77.2855 rubles, the euro exchange rate - at 91.0732 rubles. The value of the bi-currency basket ($ 0.55 and € 0.45) increased by 17.52 kopecks, to 83.49 rubles, transfers "Economy Today".

As wrote, at the opening of trading on the Moscow Exchange on October 13, the dollar rate increased against the ruble by 0.14%, to 77.21 rubles, and the euro rate dropped by 0.19%, to 90.97 rubles. 10 minutes after the start of trading, the dollar rose to 77.32 rubles, the euro also added in price and was already trading at 91.09 rubles. The cost of a Brent crude oil futures contract for December 2020 on the ICE exchange in London rose 0.4% to $ 41.9 per barrel. WTI crude oil also added 0.4% in price and traded at $ 39.9 per barrel.

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