Sep 14, 2020
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CEC named the region with the highest turnout in the elections of regional heads

The Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation announced the data on the turnout in the elections of the heads of the regions, RIA Novosti reports.

On September 13, polling stations for the elections of heads of constituent entities and elections to regional parliaments were closed throughout the country. The highest turnout was shown by Tatarstan, where 73.66% of voters voted. This is higher than the turnout in the Jewish Autonomous Region, where 70.51% of voters came to vote.

Also, a rather high turnout was recorded in the elections for the governor of the Krasnodar Territory (62.42%) and the head of the administration of the Tambov region (61.96%).

The lowest turnout in the governor elections was shown by the Arkhangelsk region - 22.38%. The turnout is slightly higher in the Irkutsk region (25.95%).

Let us remind you that on September 13 in 83 constituent entities of the Russian Federation (except for Kabardino-Balkaria and St. Petersburg) more than nine thousand campaigns of all levels are being held. More than 56 thousand polling stations were opened throughout the country on this day.

Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation reported that no serious violations during the voting, which could affect the course and results of the elections, were revealed.

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