Nov 11, 2022
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CCTV camera filmed a humanoid creature with glowing eyes

humanoid with glowing eyesThe owner of this video surveillance camera, which is equipped with a motion sensor, was amazed to see what a strange creature came to visit him.

humanoid with glowing eyes

The footage, filmed in the suburbs of Sydney (Australia), shows what looks like a round head. When this mysterious head stares into the lens of the video camera, you can also see sinister glowing eyes. The quality of shooting leaves much to be desired, but there were enthusiasts on the Internet who did work on the video material. After their efforts, the creation became more visible. Most of all, it reminded the audience of an alien.

humanoid with glowing eyes

Although, of course, one cannot completely deny that the creature could have been accidentally obtained as a result of the play of light and shadow. Or a hoax designed to scare the people was presented to the public.

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