Sep 14, 2021
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Caught in provocation "Voice" tried to justify, but everything was ruined by one photo

The Insider tried to declare a fake video from the instruction of the “Voice” movement, in which observers are taught how to arrange provocations. However, the photograph put everything in its place.

The Golos movement, caught red-handed in a briefing to challenge the legitimacy of elections in the absence of violations, tried to justify The Insider. However, one photograph ruined everything.

This is a scandalous video in which two girls give instructions to the participants of the “Voice” movement. They declare in plain text that there will not be a sufficient number of violations at the elections. Then they tell you how to organize provocations so that you can challenge the results of the vote. One of the girls leading the briefing is a volunteer of the “Navalny Headquarters” * in St. Petersburg.

The Internet publication The Insider tried to declare the video a fake. As evidence, it cites a statement by the ex-head of Navalny’s Headquarters in St. Petersburg, volunteer Irina Fatyanova. In it, she states that she has never seen the girl with the video in the “Headquarters”.

However, the Telegram channel “Kremlyovskaya washerka” published a photo in which the same girl with the video was distributing leaflets to Fatyanova. However, she is dressed in the uniform of the “Headquarters”.

It follows from this that we managed to expose the plans of “Golos” and the West to destabilize and discredit the elections in Russia and stir up this hive, and in response they expectedly released their poison from fakes and sketches,

– comments “Kremlin washerwoman” The Insider’s attempt to justify “Golos”.

* “Navalny’s headquarters” is an extremist organization whose activities are prohibited in Russia.

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