Oct 7, 2021
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Catholic Italy is coming to an end

Christianity disappears from the society of liberal democracy

In Italy, the traditional pillar of its society – the Catholic Church – is being destroyed. This is the conclusion of an Italian newspaper Daycommenting on mass demonstrations in the country in support of the so-called Zan bill in favor of holding referendums for the legalization of drugs and the permission of efthanasia.

The bill, named after its developer, ruling Democratic MP and LGBT activist Alessandro Zana, has been under discussion in Italy for over a year. According to supporters of the bill, it is dedicated to combating manifestations of racial and other hatred and combating discrimination on any grounds. The adoption of such a law will secure the final victory in Italy of pederastic “European values”.

Demonstration in support of LGBT people in Rome

The widespread campaign unfolding in the country in support of this law and in favor of referendums, the holding of which would have been considered forbidden just a few years ago, is now receiving the support of the entertainment industry, fashion, show business, public figures, and influential persons. All this, writes Newspaper, leads to the end of Catholic Italy.

The sense of the end of Italian Catholicism is confirmed by other data. According to research Public media research, from 2000 to 2019, the number of Catholics in Italy decreased from 79.2% to 60.1% of the total population. During the same period, the number of atheists almost doubled, accounting for 33.4% of the total population. The number of visitors to Sunday church services has been cut in half. In northwest Italy, Catholics are no longer in the majority. Young people are most indifferent to the church. Only 13% of Italians aged 18-29 attend Sunday masses regularly. Only 10.5% in the 18-29 age group identify themselves “Convinced and practicing believers”

LGBT supporters in Rome

“The Italian Catholic Church, if it does not find a cure for the growing secularization of Italians, risks not surviving in the 21st century.”, – writes Newspaper… The Vatican’s Central Statistical Office is forced to confirm that the number of Catholics is declining throughout Europe, but the Vatican does not publish data on Italy.

The decline of Catholicism in Italy is compounded by the moral decline of Catholicism. And this is a worldwide phenomenon. As the media reported the other day, in France, the Independent Commission for the Investigation of Sexual Crimes in the bosom of the Catholic Church (Ciase) identified more than 3,000 pedophile priests, and the number of children subjected to molestation is about 330 thousand. “This is the minimum score” – says the head of the Commission Jean-Marc Sauve.

Temples in Italy are emptying

Pedophilia also flourishes in the Vatican around the papal throne. In 2018, the Vatican’s treasurer, 77-year-old Cardinal George Pell, was found guilty of sexual assault against two boys who sang in a church choir. In 2014, Pope Francis, in connection with new scandals, established the Vatican Commission for the Protection of Minors from Pedophilia. In 2017 alone, 410 of these “very plausible” signals, as stated in the commission’s documents, were received. For sexual crimes against minors in 2016 alone, the pontiff defrocked 127 priests, and still the authority of the Catholic Church continues to decline.

The epidemic is taking hold not only in Italy. Recently, Britain published a report on the persecution of Christians, prepared at the initiative of British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt. The report says that every time a terrorist attack occurs in Britain, the liberal “tolerance machine” convinces everyone that the vast majority of British Muslims are normal people who do not want to kill anyone. This is actually true, but as a result of the insane immigration policy in England, as in other European countries, a separate society has formed, professing a religion that is not traditional for the host country.

“There are so many immigrants here that they no longer assimilate, they live in their own world, – writes the correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” in Great Britain … – Try to say that Britain is a Christian country. That the English, Scots, Irish and Welsh are its masters. The liberal elite will instantly blame them for Islamophobia and xenophobia. The daredevil will no longer be invited to television, his political career will come to an end. Liberal democracy of the Western type is no longer able to protect Christians “

Not only Islam is replacing Christianity in Europe. In the formerly Catholic Italy, there are more than 8000 satanic sects, to which about 600 thousand people belong. There are especially many Satanists in Lombardy, Piamonte, Lazio and in Sicily, which was called the “devil’s paradise”.

“Sect leaders use the Internet to organize ceremonies, create blogs, where they use ciphers to communicate with their followers. These sects are not very different from Cosa Nostra when it comes to recruiting members. ” – says Professor Tullio Di Fiori, who studied Satanism in Sicily. Along with this, a primitive belief in magic, healers, fortune-tellers, and healers flourishes in the Apennines. 13 million Italians a year, 35 thousand people a day come to “People with supernatural abilities”to spend on them about 6 billion euros per year.

With the loss of traditional religion, European societies are losing their national identity, turning into something that can hardly be called Europe.

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