Sep 22, 2022
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Categories of fitness for military service in Russia: what do they mean

Categories of fitness for military service in Russia: what do they mean

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After Russian President Vladimir Putin announced mobilization on September 21, many Russians wondered if they would fall into the category of those who would be sent to the front.

The military medical commission determines whether the conscript is fit, writes RIA Tomsk. The commission includes several narrow specialists, including a surgeon, a neurologist, a psychiatrist, an otorhinolaryngologist, a dentist, and others.

According to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, the schedule of diseases provides for five categories of fitness for military service.

Category “A” includes all those fit for military service. Such people may have diseases, and depending on what kind of disease it is, the conscript is assigned a subcategory from A1 to A4.

In category “B” are conscripts fit for military service with minor restrictions. These are people who have diseases that do not prevent conscription. This, for example, is a slight myopia, scoliosis, etc. This category also has subcategories from B1 to B4.

In category “B” conscripts are limitedly fit for military service. These people are not involved in military service, but are sent to the reserve. But they can be involved in military service in wartime.

In category “G” people are temporarily unfit for military service. This category means a deferment from conscription and is assigned for a period of six months to a year. At the end of the delay, the conscript again passes the military medical commission.

In category “D” are conscripts who are not fit for military service. People from this category are not called up even in wartime. In this category, citizens who have serious health problems.

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