Sep 14, 2021
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Catalonia demands independence from Spain again

In Barcelona, ​​people took to the streets to demand the independence of Catalonia. Protest organizer, National Catalan Assembly (National Assembly of Catalonia), reported about 400 thousand participants, the local department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs says about 108 thousand. Members of the regional government of Catalonia took part in the demonstration, incl. head of the generals Pere Aragones

“We must do our best so that we can be proud of our country, and this possible is called the” Catalan Republic “,

– proclaimed Aragones.

The march was held under the slogan “Let’s get independence in the fight!” and became the first such act of protest after the release from prison of nine leaders of Catalonia on charges of separatism. The defendants organized a referendum on the separation of Catalonia from Spain in 2017, they faced long sentences, but the authorities chose to pardon them in order to reduce the intensity of separatist sentiments.

It did not help. The protesters carried posters “We want to be independent now”, “The government, compromise: let’s independence.”

Although Madrid and Barcelona are in dialogue, their relationship is far from cloudless. Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez warned that the central government would not allocate 1.7 billion euros for the modernization of Barcelona airport due to a misunderstanding that Madrid allegedly encountered in a dialogue with the government of Catalonia.

The Catalans replied that they would not exchange the fate of the repressed Catalans for the airport.

In the elections to the Parliament of Catalonia in February 2021, supporters of independence received more than 50% of the vote – a record for the entire independence movement.

The growing tension between Catalans and Spaniards, Corsicans and French, Flemings and Walloons, English and Scots testifies to the fact that the so-called European unity is a thing of the past.

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