Apr 30, 2021
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“Cat and Dog”: How Agatha Muceniece communicates with Pavel Priluchny

Agata Muceniece and Pavel Priluchny have not lived together for about a year. The actor has long established his personal life and does not hesitate to appear in public with Miroslava Karpovich. Yes, and Agatha began to get out on dates. But their past grievances have not yet released them – the former spouses cannot establish communication in any way.

"Cat and Dog": How Agatha Muceniece communicates with Pavel Priluchny

“You’ll probably ask why the children aren’t at their father’s weekend. You know, you won’t believe it! We still cannot communicate with him normally. We quarreled again. Like a cat with a dog. We can’t talk at all,” Mutseniece said.

By the way, she recently announced that she wants to have another child and is planning to freeze eggs …

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