Feb 15, 2021
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Cases in which banks can withdraw a commission from a card or account are listed

The head of the Association of Electronic Money and Money Transfer Market Participants, Viktor Dostov, explained in what cases Russian banks charge their clients a commission.

Credit institutions always write off funds from accounts in accordance with the agreement, but this may come as a surprise to customers who have not read the terms carefully.

“If the tariffs provide for a monthly commission, then it will be debited even if the client does not use the account,” the financier explained to RIA Novosti.

From time to time, due to the withdrawal of funds, the balance becomes negative. Therefore, if the bank’s client has decided not to use an account or card, then he should completely close them or check with the credit institution about the fees charged, the expert added.

The conditions of salary cards, for which no commission is usually charged, may become unexpected for Russians. The fact is that the bank is able to write off funds from the account when a person leaves. In this case, the card ceases to be considered a salary card, and it should be closed or a cheaper one should be chosen in the same bank, Dostov summed up.

Earlier, the financier explained how Russians can help others avoid becoming victims of telephone scams by protecting themselves from deception on their own. After a call from criminals, you should contact a bank, a mobile operator or the police, FAN reports.

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