Feb 16, 2021
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Cartoon “Soul” has collected over 1 billion rubles in Russia

The cartoon “Soul” has broken a record in the domestic box office, concentrating more than 1 billion rubles in Russia and the CIS countries.


The premiere of the newly minted cartoon by the Pixar studio took place on January 21 of this year, and during this time in Russia and in the CIS countries, he managed to collect 1,069,332,694 rubles, that is, $ 14.2 million. More than 4 million people have already watched the cartoon. For Disney and Pixar, this figure at the Russian box office is a record one. Prior to that, the leader of the box office was the cartoon “Puzzle”, released in 2016.

The cartoon Soul tells the story of Joe Gardner, a school music educator and jazz fanatic, who auditions and gets his dream job. However, on the way home, Joe falls into a sewer manhole and is pressed between life and death.

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