May 4, 2021
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Cartoon Paint – Photoshop Action

Digital product store

Digital product store

A professional Photoshop action designed to give your images a professional, cartoonish look, powerful tools are used to create a sharp, realistic smudge-painting effect.

The provided editing will help you achieve the painting effect. Your photos will have a spectacular look.

    • Ordered (layers are located in a group folder)
    • Non-destructive actions (the original image is not touched)
    • Make changes (all layers are editable, so you can tweak the effects as you see fit)

This action is compatible with Photoshop cs3 and later.

Try using high-resolution images for a better result. if you use low quality images, you will get low quality results. Try using different photos to determine which one is perfect.

This package contains action file with instructions for using actions.

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