Jun 30, 2020
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Cars with unusual colors

In today's world the car has long ceased to be just a means of transportation, today the development of engineering goes far forward. Increasingly, the designers and engineers of the automotive industry to offer consumers the most interesting specimens, often among them there are also cars with unusual colors, to create a working team of professionals.

A wide variety of palettes

Domestic and foreign manufacturers of topcoats will be able to satisfy even the most demanding customers, because among their product range are certainly desired shade for every taste.

According to specialists the ten most popular colors of cars in Russia in 2018 is as follows:

  1. Black.
  2. Silver.
  3. White.
  4. Grey.
  5. Blue.
  6. Red.
  7. Brown.
  8. Green.
  9. Blue.
  10. Yellow.

The car is an unusual color

In the European countries and the United States this rating looks a bit different, but it contains all of the same popular shades:

  1. White.
  2. Silver.
  3. Black.
  4. Grey.
  5. Red.
  6. Brown.
  7. Blue.
  8. Green.
  9. Golden (beige).
  10. Other.

According to research of experts of the automobile market one of the decisive factors when choosing a car in the showroom is his color. Many manufacturers usually produce cars primary color series, but at the request of the client managers will be able to offer cars with unusual colors. Daily on city streets and highways more often there are cars extremely bright juicy colors or with elements of color decoration.

The color of the car

The trademark lineup of leading manufacturers of enamels and paints for the automotive industry has several hundred titles, some of which are quite unusual names, such as:

  • "aquamarine";
  • "Burgundy";
  • "Babylon";
  • "Victoria";
  • "the diplomat";
  • "honeysuckle";
  • "gold of the Incas";
  • "Rhapsody";
  • "the snow Queen";
  • "Franconia";
  • "chameleon".

Incidentally, the last appearance of the enamel, along with the "pearl" is considered the most popular as it allows the car owner to eventually get the desired result – a unique color with the sparkle and the elements go to other tones.

Experts note that the main advantage of unusual colors is considered primetest in the General flow of traffic, as well as the opportunity to highlight the extraordinary nature of the owner of the car. A serious drawback – the need for continued support of the paint condition of the car and rectify flaws that require additional efforts and investment.

What color to paint the car

Every year at the auto show with the world leading manufacturers of the automotive market try to present the main attraction of his new collection – an extravagant premiere of the year – the car with the most incredible colors. Here designers companies know no borders, the course is multi-faceted palette of colors, rhinestones, mirrors, pearls and different coating. From year to year, these models shocking event visitors with its beauty and incredibility. It is clear that their production will not become serial cars of this class designed for the individual client who can pay for status.

Toyota, Mercedes, Mazda, Porsche, Honda, Ford – this is an incomplete list of the world's leading giants of the automotive industry, which has repeatedly exhibited at the famous auto show exclusive new luxury design and color.

"Green Viper (Mamba)"

One of the leaders of the world automobile industry – the German company Audi in the Audi Viper Green was able to connect dynamism, speed and luxury. The ideal colour decision was the choice to paint the "green Mamba", which powerfully stresses the elements and modern twists of the body, thanks to the lush green-snakeskin shade. Cars with the same color the company offers in small amounts, however, the new owners of Viper Green have been able to appreciate the quality and dynamics of the proposed model.

Audi Viper Green

"Dark red congealed metal"

BMW M5 in this color, produced by well-known automobile concern involves the maximum capacity of a sports sedan. Chosen shade lends style and aggression, matte finish significantly distinguishes it in the General stream of cars on the road. Because of the high prices this color can only afford motorists are willing to pay for elegant design solution.

BMW M5 in the color

"Turmeric is a yellow-metallic"

German concern Volkswagen never ceases to surprise its customers with exciting solutions and fast cars. For example, it is possible to tell about a family crossover model Atlas, which has an unusual coating tone Kurkuma Yellow Metallic. This shade designers have chosen not casually – the main idea was to setup the Association between the shade of the car and plug in the zip.

Volkswagen: coating tone Kurkuma Yellow Metallic

The author's flight of fancy

Today, in the times creative and intellectual rise, many designers, craftsmen and just talented people safely realize the most extraordinary ideas and solutions in all industries. The automotive industry is no exception, here too was a place of fantasy and fiction, the proof of this is the appearance on the streets of the most unusual cars in the world.

In the style of "Dumb and dumber" (1994)

Fans of this famous movie remember the extravagant car in the form of a dog, which moved the main characters. So, it seems that this idea inspired many designers and authors, as in a network often there are pictures of the "fur" of machines-cats or other animals. They usually have bright color and a coating of faux fur, however, to care for such a body is not convenient.

Cars in the style of

The lawn on wheels

The vehicle is covered with lawn grass, is the author of this unique model was able to string together the rhythm of the modern city and the proximity of nature. However, this machine requires special care: to live grass on the car body has always been the same green and beautiful, it is necessary to periodically agronomic manipulations on watering and fertilizer plants.

Grass cover on the car

Fire and graffiti

This option probably is the most popular masters on paintwork small garages. So usually make cars that have low ground clearance (clearance), as in these models, the graph looks more impressive.

Fire and graffiti

Space and the universe

The most effective and fantastic look of the sports cars, the color of which changes from tone to tone across the length of the body. Often on the main canvas, added a "space" special effects in the form of various stars, planets, meteorites. Another interesting option with geometric patterns and abstractions, optical illusions and paint "chameleon", able to change colors depending on environmental conditions and lighting.

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