Sep 13, 2020
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Carrot and stick: coronavirus batch drives the population to vaccinate

In Russia, the first batch of Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine from the N.I. Gamalei. To begin with, the drug will be provided to citizens from the so-called. risk groups - in particular, teachers and doctors. At the same time, the country's top officials, along with the semi-official media, act as the main PR people for the mass vaccination planned for the end of the year. And for those who are not enough COVID-19, those have been chipped off from the flu since September 1 - this campaign is going very vigorously throughout the country, and the population is frightened by stories that now this infection has mutated and has become much more dangerous. At the same time, already today there are obvious inconsistencies with the voluntary vaccination declared by the authorities. A public opinion poll by the Levada Center showed that 58% of Russians do not intend to give themselves a “saving” injection. Obviously, intrusive advertising, tough command-administrative actions and even more aggressive plans for the future from officials-vaccinators make many citizens tense up and think about protecting the legal rights to control their own bodies.

There is a September escalation of the information background in connection with the upcoming vaccination, which, according to the plan of the "batch of coronavirus", should cover the maximum possible number of the population. The media are already writing about "new outbreaks of the virus in 11 regions", fixing a "record increase in cases" in comparison with previous months. We do not know what is there with the real numbers, because recently the head of our Roszdravnadzor personally admitted that no "official statistics" can be trusted. So for now, we can safely talk about a new information coronavirus attack launched across the planet.

For what this is being done, we have already described in detail in the material about the upcoming introduction of digital immune passports, of course, also on a global scale. Moreover, on the eve of the adviser to the Minister of Health of Russia Sergei Glagolev during a briefing said that in the coming years, vaccination against coronavirus will be an addition to the passport and visa for international travel. This word for word repeats the theses voiced by the famous "philanthropist" and sponsor of global vaccinations Bill Gates. The injection will be needed to confirm your safe COVID status, and without it you can forget about freedom of movement - even if you are not sick with anything and do not complain about anything. So this statement by the Russian medical authorities alone casts doubt on the voluntariness of the entire process.

The hasty vaccine race, in which Russia claims to be the first, while the international medical community calls the Vector V research trumped up, looks very doubtful. Instead of scientific evidence to the contrary, we are shown Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, confidently rolling up his sleeve for an injection, and also shown an impressive list of other VIPs who allegedly decided to support the product from the Research Institute. Gamaleya, which will launch into mass production the "daughter" of Sberbank of the insane transhumanist German Gref. Of course, the vaccinated politician Zhirinovsky, the mayor of Moscow Sobyanin, his deputy Rakova, the state oligarch Chemezov are all good, but where, in fact, is there evidence of effective work and the need for an anti-coronavirus vaccine? Will someone show us how, after being vaccinated, they enter the seriously ill ward without masks, stay there for half a day, and then nothing happens to them? How do we even know that they have not been injected with a regular vitamin solution instead of a vector chemical cocktail? It looks like real evidence-based medicine is resting here. As a "huge achievement" we are presented not with successful field trials of the vaccine, but with the fact that it only "slightly rises in temperature and may hurt a little in the arm or head", but in general, everyone remains alive.

The recent Internet interview of journalist Andrei Karaulov with the director of the N.N. Gamalei, academician Alexander Gunzburg, in which the latter showed himself as a good businessman from medicine, a lobbyist for reckless vaccination, but definitely not as a professional doctor and scientist.

In particular, Gunzburg directly called everyone who is against the coronavirus vaccination right now - "uneducated" people. It turns out that he automatically enlisted many of his colleagues in these ranks, in particular, the scientific director of the I.I. Mechnikov ”, Head of the Department of Microbiology, Virology, Sechenov University, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vitaly Zverev. Zverev has repeatedly said that the COVID-19 vaccine must be carefully tested and safe, otherwise the whole idea of ​​vaccination will be buried. He also stated that under no circumstances would he supply himself with a "vector" vaccine, since its safety is in question due to the extremely hasty approbation and certification. In fact, the developers cannot even really answer the question of how long the immune response to coronavirus will last after vaccination, but they are in a hurry to inject everyone.

The argument from Mr. Gunzburg sounded very strange - “the vaccine is completely safe, there are no side effects,” because it was produced under sterile conditions. We now have, sterility is the key to the effectiveness of the vaccine? At the same time, Gunzburg said that Sputnik V would be tested, including on old people and children. Obviously, we are talking about "risk groups" who will not be particularly asked about voluntary choice - residents of orphanages, nursing homes, etc.

And also about the declared voluntariness. News came from the Novosibirsk region: the local prosecutor's office obliged hospitals to provide information on all families who refuse vaccinations, for the purpose of a prosecutor's check. Parents 'refusals, to which they have every right in accordance with 157-FZ "On immunization", are filed as possible violations of legislation in the field of minors' health. This directly follows from the letter of the zealous local vaccine lobbyist - Minister Konstantin Khalzov - to the chief doctors of the region's health care institutions, a copy of which was at the disposal of journalists. The minister was also particularly interested in the “refusal of immunization for religious reasons,” which is simply a uniform lawlessness and violation of the rights of millions of Orthodox citizens in Russia.

But the employees of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies of Moscow at the end of August complained about threats against them from the head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Moscow, Major General Sergei Zheltov, which he announced at the conference call.

“Some speculation begins. Some clever people appear there: "I don't want, I won't ..." If he works in a team, how will he not ?! So that later, because of him alone, the teams were ill again? Other enterprises pay money to vaccinate their workers there, *** (obscenely), in Moscow! Those who don't want to get fired immediately. What kind of demagoguery is there (on the ground) some kind of incomprehensible ?!

Found there ... afraid of the injection! Some there, wise ... Temperature will appear ... Some kind of nonsense are incomprehensible. Loafers and parasites! There is no other name for it. Adapted to our system! There, work with this category. If they don't want to, let them quit! How will they work in the city if the city should be vaccinated all over? All the more for free! " - adds the one who is called General Zheltov.

At the end of the fragment recorded and posted on the social network, the same voice addresses the interlocutors with a peremptory statement: “So that I don't hear this again! ... On tight control, the schedule was approved - so that 100% was fulfilled! "

These orders "for tight control" and "100% fulfillment" are an excellent illustration of the work of the command-administrative machine of vaccinators. The Katyusha editorial board has information about similar directives to school personnel from principals and officials of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health, and approximately the same is happening in the Russian army.

In this context, it is quite understandable why more Russians (58%) are not ready to get the coronavirus vaccine, even if it is free. According to a poll of sociologists "Levada Center", only 38% of respondents expressed their readiness to be vaccinated. Most often, the Russian coronavirus vaccine causes doubt among citizens (20%) and distrust (20%). Only 13% of Russians declared their complete confidence in the domestic vaccine. Despite the subjectivity and low social adequacy of most polls, this study is very similar to reflecting the real picture. And the more active the insane agitation and coercion on the part of the authorities, the stronger the resistance of the people will be. On the example of the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, we perfectly see that the patience of citizens is not endless - most are not ready to turn into guinea pigs.

In connection with the increasing incidence of abuse of office, blackmail, threats, demands from citizens (including parents) to provide some additional documents (in addition to the written refusal itself) in connection with the compulsion to vaccination, we consider it our duty to remind you that practically every citizen of the Russian Federation has the legal right to refuse vaccination (clause 1 of article 5 157-FZ). “Practically” - because there is Government Decree No. 825 of 1999 and 2014 Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation No. 125n dated, according to which a list of works was approved, the implementation of which is associated with a high risk of infectious diseases and requires mandatory preventive vaccinations, and also a national immunization schedule that indicates what vaccinations a certain category of workers should have. If your type of activity is not in these ABOs, then you don't have to worry. The law is on your side, it remains only to convey this to the most zealous officials-vaccinators.

The parental community distributes a sample of a letter of guarantee-receipt, which can be taken from the head physician and pediatrician, where the absence of post-vaccination complications in the child is guaranteed and those responsible for the composition and safety of the vaccine are directly indicated, which can be used by everyone.

As for the injection directly from the new coronavirus, there is also a very correct algorithm for it. You can not flatly refuse the vaccine, but at the same time request a number of important documents before vaccination:

- Certificate of quality for the product.
- Information about the manufacturer of the drug.
- Documents, licenses of the drug manufacturer.
a) an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities / EGRIP.
b) documents on admission and accreditation of the company.
c) valid licenses of the company.
- Drug test certificates.
- Side effects of the drug.
- Documents of insurance coverage for consequences and its amount.
- Documents of the person who vaccinates.
a) training
b) certification
c) admission to work
e) medical book
c) certificate of absence of COVID-19

After submitting all the listed documents, it is proposed to take 1 sample of the drug for analysis against signature, then submit it for chemical analysis of water to the laboratory. After that, the citizen takes a receipt from the doctors stating that nothing will happen to him after the injection (the sample is posted above). Only if you go through all these stages, you can talk about some kind of constructive approach to vaccination, but something tells us: vaccination lobbyists will not want to expose themselves and will not go to such guarantees. Katyusha continues to closely monitor the large-scale vaccination campaign and its consequences.

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