Sep 15, 2020
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Carpet, live pig and moped. Top 7 unusual things in the stands of stadiums

A live piglet at a Russian Premier League (RPL) match is something new! However, the football stadiums of the world have not seen this. What fans didn’t bring into the stands in order to intimidate opponents. recalls the top 7 most unusual items found in the bowl of the arena.

Live pig

The capital derby CSKA - Spartak in the 7th round of the RPL presented not only an exciting game, which ended in favor of the army team (3: 1), but also eccentric fans. A group of CSKA fans, who were snatched by the broadcast camera, were holding a live pig! Surprisingly, the stewards, keeping order in the arena, missed with such a "load".

Here it is also important to understand why the pig was in the hands of the fan at the match against Spartak. The fact is that the unspoken nickname of Spartak in the fan environment among opponents is a pig. Therefore, when red and white people try to offend or offend, they shout chants about pigs and draw banners with this particular animal.

Although this time the pig turned out to be quite cute, and its owner said that "this is a tame pig named Pig, she has her own cage at home and even a blanket on which she sleeps."


In August 2018, at the match between Rostov and Yenisei from Krasnoyarsk, after a goal from the hosts, the camera snatched a plan that made all the fans smile at the TV screens: Rostov fans rejoiced at the goal, waving the carpet!

But the story did not end there. The screenshot from the broadcast quickly spread across all social networks, becoming a football meme. And the press service of the Rostovites went even further: they promised to lay this lucky carpet (“Rostov” won the match 4: 0) at their base.

It was not difficult to find the owner of the carpet, and soon he was invited to the training complex of the team, and the head coach Valery Karpin and the team captain Alexander Gatskan took a commemorative photo with a fan.

Moreover, the club decided to make a fourth set of uniforms in carpet colors. In a matter of days, more than five hundred pre-orders for the new form were received, and therefore it was launched into production. Many Rostov fans still wear such shirts to the matches of their favorite team.

pig's head

But if the suckling pigs and the carpet are all cute pranks, then the tin will go further, which even poses a threat to the lives of others. And then there are big questions for those who allowed fans to the stadium with prohibited items.

In 2000 Portuguese Luis Figo decided to move from Barcelona to the camp of his sworn enemy: Real Madrid. And since then, for the fans of the blue garnet, he became a traitor and even a Judas.

In every next match, when Figo came to Barcelona with Real Madrid, tons of insults and curses poured out at him, and all sorts of objects flew from the stands: lighters, mobile phones, golf balls - in general, everything that could only be carried. But the apotheosis of dislike for the football player was the throw of a smoked pork head at him when Luis came close to the edge of the field. The player was not at all embarrassed by this, and he easily continued the match, which, however, had to be interrupted for 15 minutes in order to calm the angry fans and remove foreign objects from the field.


If you can still somehow allow a pig's head to be carried into the stands of the stadium (bought for the house, but did not have time to bring it in before the football), then it is simply impossible to explain how a real moped appeared on the upper tier of the Italian San Siro stadium.

But the fans of "Inter" showed miracles of ingenuity and dragged the two-wheeled vehicle into the stadium. Moreover, it was a moped from one of the fans of the visiting team who had come to Milan for the game from Bergamo. The same "Atalanta", for which our Alexey Miranchuk.

Yes, the story of the moped doesn't end there. As a result, he was thrown down from the upper tier. Fortunately, he miraculously did not hurt anyone in the lower sector.


A surprising incident occurred in Colombia during a national championship match. Fans of the "Cucuta" club in an original way decided to send their 17-year-old friend, who had died the day before at the hands of bandits, on the last journey. Boy named Christopher was killed the day before the team's game, and therefore colleagues decided, with the permission of parents and the club's security service, to carry a coffin with his body to the stands. So that he could "watch" the game of his favorite team for the last time.

It is noteworthy that the Kukuta footballers did their best to win this game. And they got their way.


In 2012, during the Asian Champions League match between the Iranian "Sepahan" and the club from Saudi Arabia "Al-Ahli", an amazing incident occurred. Everyone knew that there were very tense relations between the countries, but no one expected that football fans would go with grenades.

The home player did not believe it either Adele Colahai, who picked up a grenade thrown in the field and casually threw it near the billboards. Obviously he thought it was a dummy. But then there was an explosion, from which by a miracle no one was hurt.

Raw fish

Tension always reigns in the matches of two Greek teams: PAOK and Olympiacos. Therefore, no one was particularly surprised when PAOK fans threw raw fish on the guest bench before playing with an implacable opponent. Olympiacos players and coaches refused to start the game until the rubbish was cleared and conditions were acceptable.

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