May 12, 2022
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Carpet cleaners

Carpet cleanerscarpet cleaning

The first carpets appeared in Russia thanks to merchants who brought amazingly beautiful fabrics from the East to decorate the homes of wealthy citizens and the mansions of landlords. Over time, the exquisite patterns faded, becoming covered with stains and dust. And if today it is not difficult to buy a carpet cleaner in Nizhny Novgorod, then earlier housewives had to use what was at hand.

How did you clean carpets?

With the advent of the first household vacuum cleaner, the issue of daily maintenance of floor coverings was resolved. The invention of washing models even more encouraged users who believed that now there would certainly be no issues with cleanliness.

However, only professional dry cleaning using carpet washing equipment can completely rid the fibers of dirt. Specialized carpet cleaners are responsible for cleanliness;

Before the era of detergent chemistry and technology, people coped with cleaning pile material in the most amazing ways. For example, in the 18th century, dragets came into fashion, which are mats made of coarse fabric, which were laid over carpets in places of severe pollution.

Periodically, carpet products were taken out into the street, where they were beaten out with a stick or broom, getting rid of the dust. With the appearance of the first snow, the carpets were laid face down in a snowdrift, buried and left overnight. In the morning, the fibers were carefully cleaned with a broom.

Hot bread was also considered a popular remedy. It was rubbed into the fabric, left for several hours and the dried crumbs were swept away along with adhering dirt and debris. They got rid of odors by covering the outer side of the carpet with freshly cut grass, which was removed after a while.

A mixture of well water and cow bile was used to remove stains. The composition was applied with a rag to the contaminated areas, after knocking out the carpet and fixing it on the floor with nails. The improvised stain remover did its job well, but with frequent use, the structure of the material fell into disrepair.

The same fate awaited carpets treated with ammonia. And the strong smell of ammonia did not affect the well-being of people in the best way. For the brightness of colors, another unsafe substance was used – chloroform, which depresses the nervous system.

Less radical methods include cleaning carpets with soda and saline solutions, a mixture of water, laundry soap, ammonia and vinegar. And to restore the brightness of dark pile material, some housewives still use tea leaves to this day.

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