Oct 2, 2021
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Carlson the tie-expert returned to head the Tbilisi “Maidan”?

In the photo: supporters of the opposition United National Movement party, founded by former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, at a rally dedicated to the preparation for the parliamentary elections.

In the photo: supporters of the opposition United National Movement party, founded by former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, at a rally dedicated to the preparation for the parliamentary elections. (Photo: David Mdzinarishvili / TASS)

Former president of Georgia and ex-governor of Odessa region, and now head of the executive committee of the National Council of Reforms of Ukraine Mikhail Saakashvili posted a post on Facebook in which he claims to have arrived home for the first time since leaving the country in 2013.

“Good morning Georgia, already from Georgia after eight years,” Saakashvili wrote.

Later, a video message from Saakashvili allegedly from Batumi appeared:

“Here it is, my Batumi … I missed this place so much. Today my dream has come true, and it will finally come true when Georgia gets back on its feet. “

In addition, the ex-president called on his supporters to fight.

At the end of last month, Saakashvili announced his intention to return to his homeland for the local elections to be held on Saturday, October 2:

“Of course, as I said, I took a ticket for the evening of October 2 in order to be with you in Tbilisi and to protect your expression of will, as well as to take part in saving Georgia,” he said.

If the ticket is for October 2, where does the entry from Georgia on the 1st come from? And if a ticket for the plane Kiev-Tbilisi, then how could it, unnoticed for everyone, “leak” to Batumi?

Note that the Georgian Interior Ministry claims that Saakashvili did not cross the border. Chairman of the ruling party “Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia” Irakli Kobakhidze also said that Saakashvili is not in the republic. “Saakashvili is not in Batumi. The video of Mikhail Saakashvili is not recorded in Georgia. He is a clown,” he said.

However, Saakashvili’s associates insist that their leader is indeed in Georgia.

“I really wasn’t informed about his route. We all knew that he had a clear plan to return to Georgia. I was absolutely sure of this from the first day … He really is in Georgia, I confirm. And probably, on October 3, he will join the big solemn meeting, when in the October 2 elections the Georgian people and Georgia will prevail over Bidzina Ivanishvili and “Georgian Dream”, – Saakashvili’s candidate for mayor of Senaki claims Koba Nakopiya

“Mikheil Saakashvili returned in peace, God bless Georgia. This morning it was proved once again that there is no state, this is what happens under the oligarchy, this type of government, “the founder of the movement for the peaceful return of the ex-president told reporters. So Charviani… According to her, she is waiting for a peaceful scenario for the development of events, and called on the authorities to “great reconciliation.”

Saakashvili’s former ally, the chairman of the Droa party, also hopes for a peaceful development of events Elena Khoshtaria

“I have no information about whether he is here or not. Let’s wait for the development of events. First, I will say exactly what I said before, everything should be absolutely peaceful, in the case of any scenario, and the responsibility for this lies with everyone, first of all with the Georgian Dream … If he arrived, then the Georgian Dream collapsed. The most important thing is that these two days and the following days should pass absolutely calmly, everyone must submit to the will of the people, ”she said.

Of course, it can be assumed that Saakashvili really managed to illegally cross the Turkish-Georgian border – there is only about three kilometers to Batumi. Or even less. Then serious questions arise for the Georgian authorities.

Leader of the Georgian party “Lelo” Mamuka Khazaradze called the possible return of the ex-president to his homeland as proof that there is no state in Georgia.

“If so, it proves that we have no state, no structures, no borders, no Interior Ministry, no security service that bugs clergymen, you, civilians. If this is so, then the state is destroyed, “Khazaradze told the Georgia Online portal, urging, however, to wait for accurate information about Saakashvili’s whereabouts.

In any case, whether Saakashvili is present on the territory of Georgia or not, this whole story can cause serious destabilization on the eve of the elections. Perhaps Saakashvili is sitting in Kiev and editing videos, and his supporters will be waiting for him on Saturday in the square. After that, a new video may appear, where the leader of the UNM is allegedly arrested and calls on supporters to demand his release. You yourself understand what the consequences of this provocation can be.

Well, if Saakashvili is indeed in Georgia and appears in front of supporters in Tbilisi on Saturday, the behavior of the crowd is also difficult to predict.

In a word, this whole story with the “return of Carlson” is an obvious provocation, the purpose of which is the elections. The elections, though local, are important.

When the opposition did not recognize the results of the parliamentary elections last fall, and a large-scale political crisis began in the country, with the mediation of the President of the European Council Charles Michel an agreement was concluded according to which if the ruling party does not gain 43% in local elections, it agrees to re-election to parliament. The ruling party eventually canceled the agreement due to the fact that it was not signed by the UNM, but Saakashvili’s party finally signed it at the last moment. Now the ruling party claims that the document has no legal force, and the opposition – which has and calls the upcoming local elections “a referendum on confidence in the authorities.”

In this dead-end situation, the play with Saakashvili’s “return” could further destabilize the situation in the country …

– The Georgian authorities will deny to the last the penetration of the ex-president of Georgia into the country, – I am sure Director of the Institute of Freedom, member of the Bureau of the Political Council of the Rodina party Fyodor Biryukov… “Such a turn is clearly not a“ Georgian dream ”for them. Indeed, in addition to admitting that the Georgian borders are “full of holes”, Saakashvili will have to be arrested on numerous criminal cases. In a number of cases, there are also sentences handed down in absentia. The arrest of the leader of the largest opposition party in Georgia, and even against the background of scandalous elections, is not at all the PR that Tbilisi needs today.

If we close our eyes to Saakashvili, it will look like sheer weakness, sheer political helplessness. In general, both options are absolutely unacceptable for the Georgian party in power, therefore, while the authorities adhere to the only version convenient for them: Saakashvili is not in Georgia, all this is just an election provocation and fake.

But the fact of the matter is that the ex-president, criminal, political adventurer, provocateur and direct Western agent Mikhail Saakashvili could well have come to Georgia to arrange the Tbilisi “Maidan” and ensure victory in the local elections for his “United National Movement” and push him into leadership positions in the future government coalition. As the ex-president and head of the most popular opposition movement, he has all the necessary connections for this, including in the special services.

For the West, whose interests are represented by Saakashvili, this option is also desirable, since it will strengthen the anti-Russian vector in Georgian foreign policy, which is already quite Russophobic. If the elections do not lead to the desired result, Saakashvili will lead the protest movement, organize a political crisis, which is also good for his Western guardians.

Be that as it may, Saakashvili’s mission in Georgia is to return this country to an active role in the international anti-Russian network. Moreover, he will do it in any case – both while staying free and sitting in prison. For the West, this is, in essence, all the same. And the vain Saakashvili himself is not averse to dressing up for a while in the robe of a “political prisoner” and a “prisoner of conscience” in order to renew and correct his rather shabby image, which has long been more comical and repulsive than romantic and attractive.

In general, Saakashvili is destined for the main role in the new Georgian “revolutionary” tragedy, the script of which was written in the West, and it is also directed from there.

– We still need to check whether he returned or not, otherwise there are a lot of different “stuffing”, – considers candidate of political sciences, senior lecturer of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia Kamran Hasanov. – But, of course, he has such an intention: he would like to return power in Georgia, especially now, when the United States is not in power. Trump, a Biden… The wind in his back is definitely guaranteed …

SP: – Earlier it became known that the National Democratic Institute (NDI) Team of International Experts held high-level online meetings with representatives of political parties, government, civil sector and the media. The team is led by former US Secretary of State and Chairman of the NDI Supervisory Board, Madeleine Albright. And the European Parliament has sent as many as seven MEPs to observe. Where does the West get such close attention to the events in Georgia? There are no pro-Russian forces in power.

– The West needs this in order to change the government in Georgia, which is really not pro-Russian, but definitely not anti-Russian. And the return of Saakashvili gives hope to the supporters of “Maidan 2.0”.

“SP”: – Is the second “Maidan in Georgia possible?” Saakashvili calls on his supporters to gather in Tbilisi on October 2-3. What does he achieve by this? Warm up the crowd in the square on Saturday? Can we say that this is a brilliant provocation? Are Georgians ready to step on a rake a second time? Does Ukraine’s experience teach you nothing?

– They know how to do provocations. Let’s remember the trip of our deputy Gavrilovahow they used the fact that he took the place of the speaker, then they also wanted to raise the “Maidan”, but the authorities decided the issue flexibly, changing the prime minister. I think Georgia has immunity from the “Maidan”, the first “Maidan” has already shown that this leads to the loss of territory, the same thing happened in Ukraine. Therefore, I think the Georgian society will not accept it. Moreover, if we talk about democracy, there is more or less everything in order there, there can only be claims in some economic areas …

“SP”: – Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov claims that the Kremlin does not see any risks for destabilizing the situation in connection with the return of Saakashvili to Georgia, according to him, this is not the topic of the Kremlin. “It is important that this circus does not pose a danger to citizens of any country where this gentleman is,” he stressed. Is it so? Doesn’t Russia care what will happen in Georgia?

– Perhaps there are closed sources of information that comes to the Kremlin through the special services, which say that all Saakashvili’s attempts to regain power are not serious, they have already lost interest in him. Moreover, since he left Georgia, a generation has changed, so he is unlikely to find support …

PS The text was already prepared for publication when information came from Tbilisi: Saakashvili was detained in a capital apartment and placed in a pre-trial detention center in the city of Rustavi, once the center of Georgian metallurgy a couple of tens of kilometers from the capital. It turns out that Mishiko was not bluffing. The question remains: how did he get into Georgia after all?

“SP” continues to follow the development of events …

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