Aug 1, 2022
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Cardboard starships of Maxim Sokolov

In the photo: at the LADA Izhevsk automobile plant, which is part of the Avtovaz group.

In the photo: at the LADA Izhevsk automobile plant, which is part of the Avtovaz group. (Photo: Alena Selezneva/TASS, archive)

Izhevsk Automobile Plant (LADA Izhevsk, part of the AvtoVAZ group) is on the verge of closing, the localization of Lada Vesta has completely failed, and the prospects here are more than vague. However, the new head of the Togliatti enterprise Maxim Sokolov is going to produce electric cars in Izhevsk. Completely mythical. IzhAvto employees ask for protection from Vladimir Putin:

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich!

Today, an extremely negative situation is developing at the Izhevsk Automobile Plant. We have been idle for over 5 months now. For the survival of the team, a federal support program is used – temporary work. Highly qualified specialists paint the walls, mow the grass, collect garbage.

The car plant cannot start due to the lack of components for the production of LADA Vesta. To date, the Russian in the best Russian car is only 40%. Everything else was imported from abroad. This car has been produced since 2015, and the level of localization has remained the same as at the time of launch. We believe that it was the French owners of the plant who actually committed sabotage, and because of this, the conveyor does not function.

As an alternative, in order for the Izhevsk Automobile Plant not to die, they want to offer us an electric version of LADA Largus. But today in Russia there is no infrastructure for electric vehicles. According to statistics, in 2021, a little more than 2,000 electric cars were bought in our country. The most popular brands are Tesla, Porsche and Audi. These are premium brands, and Largus is a budget-level family car, it is bought in regions where there are practically no chargers for electric cars.

It turns out that the top management of AvtoVAZ is deliberately deceiving, – write the employees of the enterprise.

The failure of import substitution is by no means new, the head of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building recently openly stated this. Andrey Klishas. Nobody refuted his words, everyone was silent. For the fact, as they say, is obvious.

The import substitution program, as it were, “started” as early as 2014 – since then we have been marking time. That is, this is outright sabotage, and no one has been held accountable. Wreckers – without any exaggeration. After all, if import substitution had worked, the conveyors of AvtoVAZ and IzhAvto would not have stopped, since all components would be local. But this, as we see, is not even close.

And it is by no means the French who are to blame, whom the factory workers accuse of sabotage. Yes, Monsieur, it is unprofitable to establish the “localization” of your cars here. But in this case, the honest authorities, as soon as it was revealed, would have to kick them out of the country with a kick to the fifth point. And take the factory. Without any compensation. For foreigners violated the terms of the investment agreement.

Here, by the way, none of the “common people” would even utter a peep. It’s just that it’s not customary to lie on such topics there, it’s fraught. Business and the terms of the contract are sacred, violated – get a lawsuit, huge fines, penalties and other punishments, the most severe. And the violator will not only be looked askance, but in the future they will refuse him a new deal. For example, the same Chinese, for them “localization” is sacred. Without exaggeration. On other conditions, no one is allowed into the country in principle.

The French were simply allowed to do whatever they wanted. And they gave the green light to an openly anti-Russian industrial policy exactly the same characters who failed all the rest of import substitution. Which, in general, is also not news. In addition to the “screwdriver assembly” of cars and other equipment in the Russian Federation, no other projects have been noticed over the past two decades. And officials, apparently, are going to continue in the same spirit.

And with even more cynicism. Three days before the start of the “special operation”, February 21, 2022, head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov announced plans for the production of “Russian” electric vehicles.

“The first mass-produced electric car will appear in Russia before the end of the year,” the minister said at the time.

And soon it became known what kind of “serial” and what kind of series it would be “produced”. Screwdriver assembly of hundreds of Chinese budget electric cars, nothing more. Everything as usual is a banal eyewash.

The baton from the authorities was intercepted by Maxim Sokolov.

“In a long-term strategy, we set ourselves the task of developing an electric vehicle. What will its appearance be, will it be a hybrid or a pure electric vehicle, well, it will probably determine the future, including the future of the development of electric vehicles in the world. Because, of course, we must comply with global trends, even if someone does not want to cooperate with AvtoVAZ,” the official said.

With the same success, one can talk about the creation in Tolyatti of a spaceship with a photon engine. There is nothing for the production of electric vehicles in Russia. Even electric motors. You can’t even buy a banal three-phase electric motor of the AIR series, they are no longer produced in the Russian Federation, everything that comes under domestic brands is nothing more than turned China. And of the worst quality. The PRC knows how to make very good motors, but the hucksters don’t bring them here, they prefer to buy the cheapest products and re-paste the nameplates.

“The USSR produced excellent electric motors, a huge range, both AC and DC. That’s it, these industries no longer exist, they have been destroyed. Most of them have been in the last 20 years. Production has been preserved only by Belarusians, but they do not make very many of them, mainly for their own needs. So take this AIR71A4, it is from the Old Man, a good one is real. In general, we do not sell them separately, we took them for ourselves, but the supplier overdid it – there was a surplus. Well, they asked me to sell it to you, ”explained the director of a manufacturing company near Moscow.

A life story, the author recently looked for an electric motor in the household, a small one – 0.55 kW at 1350 rpm. As it turned out, all the proposals from the “manufacturers” are banal crap, as they say in Runet, this is “Ketai Galimy”. I had to turn to friends, then to friends of friends, and so on. They helped – as a result, a good motor was found, they were sold “by pull”. But in the USSR, these electric motors were just in bulk, as they say, for every taste …

They made a mistake – the factories were destroyed, and sometimes physically, the shops were demolished from the face of the earth. To revive nothing. This, not to mention electronics, without which any electric car is simply not a tenant. And about the batteries, they are needed to power the motors. There are simply none, in principle, and there never were. Developments in this direction are not being carried out, since there is no one, and there will be zero sense from them – there is still nowhere to release.

As for the electric LADA Largus, this is generally some kind of enchanting nonsense. Firstly, there is not a single Russian detail in Renault Largus. Secondly, all of the above about electric vehicles. And, yes, the factory workers write absolutely correctly about deceit. This is what he is.

Apparently, someone is now going to destroy two more enterprises – in Togliatti and Izhevsk. For this purpose, an official who has nothing to do with the automotive industry was planted at AvtoVAZ. And to production in general. Moreover, apparently, from the cohort against which Andrey Klishas intends to change the legislation – to introduce an article for sabotage.

Both plants can not only be saved, but also be developed. At first, that is, now, it would be worth returning the VAZ-2110 (Priora) and VAZ-2114 to the conveyors. Cars are in demand, they will be bought, and people at enterprises will receive a salary. And then look for what to buy for release under a license – simple, reliable and maintainable. Plus to develop the production of auto components. We are not yet up to the “hi-tech”, as if we could not transfer to the “peshkarus” at all …

In general, the situation is very indicative.

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