Jun 30, 2020
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Card focus from “The Illusion of Deception”

What’s the most popular magic film about magicians? Of course, “The Illusion of Deception”! “Everyone responds in chorus. And how many cool tricks are shown! Let’s learn one of them. We watch the secret of the trick with cards from the Illusion of Deception, in which one card in front of your eyes turns into another.

Focus demonstration

  • We ask the viewer to choose any card from the deck, put it on top of the deck. Then we pick up the map and show it to the viewer – say, it’s 4 crosses. Let’s get her back in her place.
  • Remove the top card (viewer) and remove somewhere in the middle of the deck.
  • Then turn the top card – let it be a worm ace. We hold it with one hand, and with the other hand – the one that holds the deck – hold in front of the worm ace. Just a moment – and instead of an ace in our hand already a map of the viewer – 4 crosses.

The secret of the focus of “The Illusion of Deception”

Let’s start the study of the focus with the analysis of the change of cards that takes place in front of the viewer’s eyes.

  1. To change you need to take two cards at once. They should lie flat and the rear should not be visible to the viewer. To quickly change one card to another, you need to make a click with your fingers. But holding the cards.
  2. To correctly clamp the cards, grasp the bottom corner of the cards with your index finger and middle fingers in front and thumb at the back.
  3. When the finger clicks, the front card shifts backwards under the second card and lies now perpendicular to it.
  4. When making a click, it is better to hold in front of the cards with the palm or hand holding the deck, or to make a sharp lunge with your hand forward. This concealing movement is necessary for the “unfocus” of the viewer’s attention.
  5. When we perform a concealing movement, we throw the card on the deck, which has been changed. As a result, a viewer’s card remains in hand, which can be given to the audience.

focus of the movie illusion of deception

Please note that this trick is a point-of-view trick. You can show it only standing face to the viewer. Because on the side you will see where the front card disappears and where the other one comes from.

How do I find a viewer’s card hidden in a deck?

The main element with the change of cards was learned. Now we’re looking at the whole trick.

Before the shift we need to have 2 cards in our hands, one of them should be – the audience. How can this be achieved? The answer is simple: double lift.

  1. First, the viewer will choose a certain card – at once we do not show it. First, put the card on top of the deck. Then we make a double rise and show the second card – the one that lies under the viewer. Her viewer remembers.
  2. Return the cards to the deck. The top (supposedly spectator) is removed in the middle of the pile. The viewer’s card stays at the top.
  3. Again we perform a double ascent and turn 2 cards, slightly shifting the edge to yourself. Then it will be easier to take up the cards. It turns out that the top face is a random card (we focus on this worm ace), and under it – the viewer.
  4. Now you can take maps and make a change, which you studied above.
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