Jan 25, 2021
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Car rally held in Yerevan demanding Pashinyan’s resignation

Pashinyan’s statement on the city of Shusha sparked a new wave of protests

On Sunday, January 24, opposition supporters held a car rally in Yerevan demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister Nikola Pashinyan… Dozens of cars with portraits of Pashinyan, on which the words “traitor” were written, drove through the streets of the capital of Armenia, heading for Republic Square, where the rally was planned. However, the police were already on duty on the square, which did not allow the protest rally; more than ten drivers were detained.

A new wave of protests demanding the prime minister’s resignation was triggered by Pashinyan’s statement about the city of Shusha, which came under the control of Baku.

“We had no opportunity to stop the war with smaller territorial losses. Over the entire period of the negotiation process, there was not a single option for resolving the situation that did not provide for the return of Azerbaijani refugees to Shusha. Before the conflict, the Azerbaijani population of Shushi exceeded 90%. That is, you want to say that the city with over 90% of the Azerbaijani population is Armenian? “

– Pashinyan said during the government hour in parliament.

According to political scientist Sergei Melkonyan, Pashinyan promotes Azerbaijani interests with such a statement. The political scientist recalled how in November the prime minister spoke of Shusha as a “gloomy and unhappy city”, now he assures that this city was originally inhabited by Azerbaijanis, that is, he is trying in every possible way “To consolidate the current status quo that emerged following the results of the last war”

Writer and Head of the Shushi Charitable Foundation Bakur Karapetyan sure: “All these conversations on the topic” how much Shushi was an Armenian city “are similar to the order of Baku, given the presence of traces of the centuries-old Armenian presence in this city”

“When we look at the terrain and on the map, we understand that the Azerbaijanis could not easily attack and take the city. At best, separate, small detachments of the enemy could try to penetrate the city. But the Armenian artillery could easily destroy them, which was not done, ”

– he said in an interview with radio Sputnik Armenia

And the former mayor of Shushi Artsvik Sargsyan says that he did not believe in the deliberate surrender of the city, but Pashinyan’s words convinced him that this was exactly what happened.

“Today Aliyev says that Yerevan is also Azerbaijani, so let Pashinyan confirm this nonsense with the next statement,”

– Sarkisian suggests.

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On the picture. Car rally in Yerevan demanding Pashinyan’s resignation, source – Telegram channel

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