Sep 15, 2021
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Can’t Tajiks learn Russian? Let’s make Russians learn Tajik

When, during the Great Patriotic War, the Germans occupied part of the territory of the USSR, all signs on these lands began to be written in Russian and German. That should have taught the occupied “natives” to the idea that Germany is here – forever. Apparently, signs that have appeared in the metro (so far only in the metro!), In addition to creating the most comfortable conditions for “come in large numbers”, pursue approximately the same goals. Russians should get used to the fact that migrants are not a temporary forced measure, they are forever. And like it or not, you have to adapt to this new reality.

Whether the Russians like this “new reality” now being created and whether they want to adapt to it, nobody cares. The exorbitant profits of a business parasitizing on cheap migrant labor and for this reason having no intention of raising wages and improving working conditions so that Russians come to these jobs are worried about the sky-high profits. The taxes coming from this business to the budget are worried. Excitement (in terms of “development” and “cutting”) is the huge budget money allocated for the adaptation and training of migrants. They are worried about the receipts of local authorities and law enforcement officers as payment for “friendship” with the corresponding diasporas.

And the social problems that arise at the same time, the wildly growing ethnic crime, the Islamist views that are gaining popularity in the migrant environment, constant mass fights during the division of the territory (our territory!) – all this does not bother anyone. Perhaps the FSB, which covers extremist cells in different cities of Russia almost every month. Well, and maybe someone else in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, concerned about the fact that at least 3-4 million nowhere registered migrants are wandering around the vastness of Russia, getting their daily bread for no one knows what.

On the other hand, why are we surprised? Since the World Cup in the Moscow metro, all station announcements and corresponding inscriptions have been duplicated in English, which irritates many Muscovites. Indeed, it is difficult to understand why everything is being done in a country that has not yet been occupied by the Anglo-Saxons, as under the German occupation 80 years ago. We usually explain this by “openness to the outside world” and “creating the most favorable conditions for tourists.” But few people are convinced by this: an essentially servile “deflection” – it is a “deflection”.

So is it any wonder that as the creeping occupation of the country by migrants in the metro, inscriptions appear in their languages ​​?! Has anyone seen in the same Putilkovo near Moscow, unsuccessfully fighting against the United Migration Center (UMC), which has turned the area into a migrant ghetto, “bilingual” inscriptions in the appropriate languages ​​like “Shit, shoot up and drink alcohol on playgrounds is prohibited”, “Gathering crowds and arranging parties under the windows, do you interfere with people “or” You can’t harass Russian girls “? There are no such inscriptions! And it will not, because it is “intolerant”. How “intolerant” to suppress migrant atrocities, to detain and prosecute en masse, to send them out within 24 hours (as suggested by the same Pyotr Tolstoy). Russia is slowly but surely brought to the “European” level of consciousness, when a civilized European, seeing a crowd of migrants raping his young daughter, lacks something heavier and gets into a fight, but looks for a piece of paper to write a statement to the police.

It is easy to guess how the matter will end. We will be told:

Fellow citizens! Since Central Asian migrants make up more than half of the population of Moscow and St. Petersburg (this is where everything goes), then for the sake of tolerance and ease of communication, it would be nice for the indigenous population to start mastering the corresponding languages ​​themselves. Best of all – from school, where we will introduce the subject “Uzbek (Tajik) as a native”. Well. And for the adult population – the mass production of the corresponding phrasebooks.

Further – all street signs, price tags in stores, school textbooks, newspapers – only in a “bilingual” version … Give half of Orthodox churches for mosques (in Europe they have been doing it for so long – people have to pray somewhere!). Under all government agencies, maintain appropriate translators, and all documents are in two or three languages. Well, if, as recently in Khabarovsk, the bus driver stops him and tells the passengers to get out so that they do not interfere with his namaz, then this will be treated with understanding, and whoever does not like it will be imprisoned for “intolerance.” Over time, you see, and it will come to the second or third “language of interethnic communication”.

Do you get an ugly picture? But this is the only possible logic for the development of events. If you add a glass of water to a jar of milk every day, sooner or later it will be water, only slightly tinted with milk. In the same way, a country, whose population already today by almost 10% consists of migrants or former migrants, in one, maximum two generations will cease to be itself, changing its ethnic composition, culture, faith and language. For nobody canceled the law of transition of quantity into quality.

So what?
It’s time to understand: no one, except ourselves, will solve the problem of migrants. Neither the local authorities lured by the diasporas, nor the police almost always on their side are not protection for us. And if we do not want the spontaneous self-organization of youth to begin to completely expel migrants from our cities, so that radical nationalist organizations are revived and considered the only defenders of the Russians, we must urgently take action. If we don’t want to choose tomorrow between the Moscow Emirate and the Nazi regime – stop being silent!

To begin with, on the eve of the upcoming elections, it would be nice to interview all the candidates for deputies about their attitude to the idea of ​​minimizing the number of migrants and the most severe control over the rest. Not a single supporter of the migrant occupation of Russia should get into the Duma, no matter what party he belongs to! The same question should be asked (and the answer posted) to all governors and mayors. With a pro-migrant position – to seek resignation. If you refuse to answer – consider the person a hidden “foreign agent”, and also – resign. Signatures under the petition for the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Khusnullin, demanding to bring another 5 million migrants to Russia, can be started to collect right now.

Stop being silent! For “God is betrayed by silence.” And the Motherland.

Vladimir Khomyakov

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