Jun 22, 2022
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Can you dye your hair while breastfeeding?

Can you dye your hair while breastfeeding?

A baby who is born into the world often takes away all his mother’s attention: either his tummy hurts, or his teeth are cut, or he sleeps badly. At first, mother, like a bee, rushes over her child and catches every minute for sleep and rest. There is usually no time to look at yourself in the mirror in the first months of a baby’s life.

But when the baby grows up a little, and his mother, having nevertheless reached the mirror, discovers that she has regrown roots and no hairstyle, she has an acute desire to correct the situation, because every woman wants to be beautiful and well-groomed. But since a woman, having become a mother, does not have the right to think only about herself, she begins to be tormented by doubts about whether it is possible to dye her hair while breastfeeding?

Many say that it is impossible, others – that it is possible. Opinions are divided not by chance. In fact, the substances contained in the paint, getting into the scalp, are absorbed into the blood, and then enter the milk, from which the child in this case may develop an allergy. Vapors and volatile ingredients of paints with air enter the lungs, and from them – again into the blood and milk, and again there is a risk of harming the health of the child.

However, these problems are solvable. In the salon, an experienced master will be able to dye the hair without affecting the roots, and in the room you can open the window, and then harmful substances, if they can enter the woman’s body, then in a minimal amount. Moreover, after visiting the salon, you can express milk 1-2 times and not give it to the child, and for the third feeding, mother’s milk will definitely not pose any threat to the baby’s health.

It turns out that you can dye your hair, but only carefully. For those who really want to restore their attractiveness, it is better to dye their hair and feed the child with formula several times than to become depressed because of their untidy appearance, which will affect the health of both mother and child. And this is absolutely useless.

The only thing that nursing mothers who are going to the salon need to know is that when dyeing hair, due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, it can turn out to be a slightly different shade, so you need to be prepared for this.

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