Dec 27, 2020
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Can you become a beer alcoholic?

– Can. What’s more, research shows that beer drinkers are at a higher risk of alcoholism than hard drink drinkers. Since microdoses of alcohol do not lead to alcohol intoxication, they cause a sharp release of dopamine (the hormone of pleasure) in the brain, which makes addiction faster, says narcologist, psychotherapist, head of the treatment and rehabilitation center Yuri Vyalba… – For the liver, for example, beer is no less harmful than vodka. Since beer contains a lot of carbohydrates, they are converted into fat, which causes fatty degeneration of the liver, due to which the organ ceases to fully perform its functions.

A daily dose that is dangerous for the body starts with 2-3 glasses of beer. Beer alcoholism can be both an independent disease and a stepping stone to the use of stronger drinks.

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