Apr 10, 2021
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Can the Federation Council be abolished?

To abolish one of the two chambers of parliament – the Federation Council – proposed leader of the Liberal Democratic Party V. Zhirinovsky… Today, the Federation Council is formed from 170 senators from the regions, and the president also has the right to delegate 30 of his appointees there. The State Duma has 450 people. Moreover, more than a third of the world’s countries have a unicameral parliament – for example, China, Turkey, Sweden, Norway, Finland, etc. “Unicameral parliaments exist in unitary states, while Russia is a federal one,” reminds Alexey Makarkin, 1st Vice President of the Center for Political Technologies. – And it is quite logical to have an upper chamber in it, which represents the interests of the regions – the subjects of the Federation. Therefore, in order to abolish the Federation Council, first it is necessary to abolish the Federation. But no one will do this, although the centralization of power in our country is increasing. ”

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