Oct 17, 2020
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Can I ride a taxi with my own child seat?

By law, a child under the age of 12 can only be transported with a special restraint device. Depending on the age of the young passenger, this can be a special seat or a car seat.

This rule applies not only to personal vehicles, but also to taxis. However, it is not always possible for parents to call a special "children's" taxi, already equipped with a restraint device. figured out whether it is possible to take your child seat on a trip and how it is worth calling a car.

Will they be allowed into a taxi with their own child seat?

Traveling in a taxi with its own child seat is not prohibited by law or by the rules of popular taxi operators.

Parents may have several reasons why they want to bring a child seat with them. The main one is the long wait for a "child" taxi, which already has a special restraint device. Also, in some cases, it is almost impossible to do without your own chair. For example, when it comes to transporting an infant in a special cradle, which taxi drivers almost never have.

How to call a taxi if you take a child seat with you?

To order a taxi, you must select a regular, non-child fare. However, in the commentary to the order, you should warn the driver that a child will follow you and that you are taking a child seat with you.

It is also worth remembering that a driver who does not work in a special "children's" taxi may not know the rules for placing child seats in the cabin. Parents should study this information in advance.

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