Oct 19, 2021
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Can headaches and dizziness be treated with nootropics? Neurologist answers

Nootropics are natural or synthetic drugs that, in theory, should improve brain function, however, there is currently no reliable scientific evidence for this hypothesis.

Headache – can nootropics be taken?

Can nootropics get rid of headaches? According to Elena Gaivoronskaya, in 80% of cases, headaches are caused by migraines or tension headaches. For these conditions, clear treatment regimens have long been developed, but nootropics are mentioned either in Russian or foreign recommendations.

If, in addition to this “treatment”, take a large number of painkillers, a person runs the risk of getting a particularly severe form of headache – abusal, that is, caused by prolonged use of drugs. It is highly intense and can trigger depression, anxiety and panic attacks. It is very difficult to cure this condition.

And if your head is spinning?

The most common causes of vertigo are benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) and persistent postural-perceptual vertigo (PPPV), Elena Gaivoronskaya explained.

With BPPV, a person suffers from “helicopters” – a feeling of strong rotation when turning the head. This condition is treated with special positional maneuvers by turning the patient’s head. The method of treatment is the most studied and confirmed to be effective, while taking only a couple of minutes.

If you try to treat this type of dizziness with nootropics instead of maneuvers, there is a risk that the attacks will recur and become a real torment for the patient.

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With regard to PPPD, this disorder often occurs in the presence of anxiety and depressive disorders. It is treated with special vestibular gymnastics, psychotherapy and antidepressants. But if you “prescribe” yourself nootropics, dizziness can haunt you for years or even decades.

Elena Gaivoronskaya noted that both headache and dizziness are almost never caused by vascular pathology, even if tortuosity or hypoplasia was found on ultrasound. This means that it is at least useless to stimulate blood circulation in these conditions.

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