Apr 4, 2021
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Can a woman miss the pregnancy?

Stories, when a woman did not know that she was pregnant for quite a long time, are periodically voiced in society. And each time they cause surprise – how can this be. Doctors are not surprised at this option. After all, there are several reasons when an interesting position remains a mystery even for the woman herself. So why can you not notice pregnancy?

Answers Tatyana Butskaya, pediatrician, ONF expert, chairman of the All-Russian public movement “Council of Mothers”:

– Nowadays, most often women find out about pregnancy in the early stages. Nevertheless, there are cases when the news of the imminent birth of a child becomes a surprise for the expectant mother.

The reasons may vary.

1. False negative pregnancy test.

In 99% of cases, pharmacy tests do not “lie”. If a woman’s urine contains hCG (a pregnancy hormone that begins to be produced on the second day after implantation of a fertilized egg), then the result will be positive. The error can be, for example, either because of the very early stages of pregnancy (there is no delay in menstruation yet, and the level of hCG in the blood is low), or because of taking diuretics. If you suspect you are pregnant and the test is negative, buy another test. In tests from different manufacturers, reagents of different sensitivity are used, errors are possible. Take the test the next day. Another option is to donate blood for hCG. This is the most accurate way to determine if you are pregnant. Also, if you wish, you can sign up for an ultrasound scan.

2. Wrong diagnosis.

This mistake occurs in our time. During a gynecological examination, the doctor may mistake the pregnancy for a fibroid, a benign tumor of the uterus.

3. Violation of the menstrual cycle.

It happens that periods are “behind” the schedule. Delays can be longer than the standard 28-30 days. In women suffering from oligomenorrhea, the intervals between menstruation are more than 40 days. Cycle problems are usually caused by hormonal imbalances or gynecological conditions. Women get used to living with such an irregular cycle and often forget when the critical days were the last time. Many people know that menstruation can get lost due to moving, traveling abroad, divorce, drastic weight loss. All this is stress for the body, which is why the delay is attributed to it.

4. Bloody discharge.

An expectant mother who does not know about her pregnancy may mistake them for menstruation. Hence the widespread myth: periods can go on during pregnancy for several months. But this is a delusion. During menstruation, the inner layer of the uterus (endometrium) is rejected. If it is not there, the implantation process is impossible. According to experts, women confuse spotting with menstruation. Most often, they are caused by the threat of miscarriage, polyps of the cervix, as well as its damage during intimacy.

5. Excess weight.

The owners of curvaceous forms often suffer from hormonal disorders and cycle disruptions. It is difficult for obese women to get pregnant. If the delay goes unnoticed, the stomach can expect the same fate. The mom-to-be will decide that she has recovered a little more.

6. Long-term infertility.

After hundreds of unsuccessful attempts to conceive a baby, a woman can come to terms with her diagnosis and stop following the cycle. I personally know cases when women came to the conclusion that they would not be able to get pregnant, adopted children, and then became pregnant during the year and found out about it only with the beginning of the movements of the children (at 20 weeks).

7. Gastrointestinal problems.

The delay can be skipped, and toxicosis can be mistaken for an exacerbation of gastritis. Such cases are also not uncommon.

It is in the woman’s best interest to find out about her pregnancy as soon as possible and to make sure she is developing correctly. An ectopic pregnancy will rupture the tube at 5-6 weeks and the woman may die. A frozen pregnancy is also dangerous: a dead ovum can cause inflammation and sepsis.

Timely diagnosed pregnancy and in the interests of the unborn child. An interesting position of a woman requires a special attitude and adherence to a healthy lifestyle. Alcohol, cigarettes, pills, harmful working conditions and dozens of other factors can affect the course of pregnancy and the development of the fetus.

It is advisable for the expectant mother to see a doctor from an early date. This has many advantages. The obstetrician-gynecologist will make sure that everything is normal, in the first six weeks, to prevent serious fetal malformations, he will prescribe folic acid, do blood biochemistry, send for screening, etc.

However, I will not scare those who found out about pregnancy too late. The fact that a woman is unaware of her pregnancy for some time does not automatically mean that there will be problems later. Most give birth to healthy children.

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