Sep 4, 2022
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Cabo will be homeless?

Cabo will be homeless?

Due to the long-standing debts of her ex-husband, the actress again got into trouble.

Lenders are trying through the court to take away a country house, which is registered to the minor son of a star …

Olga Kabo divorced businessman Nikolai Razgulyaev two years ago. But according to the ex-husband of the actress herself, they stopped living together even earlier – in 2016. Like, feelings have cooled down, so they parted. Then Cabo, according to her, did not even suspect that Nikolai started a business project that turned out to be a failure.

Razgulyaev from a very wealthy man turned into a bankrupt. And since at that time he had not yet been officially divorced from Olga, the creditors began to collect debts from her as well. The actress had to urgently file a divorce and sue for an apartment bought with her hard earned money. The court managed to win, the living space remained at her disposal. But the main creditor decided to come from the other side … He filed a lawsuit against the son of Kabo and Razgulyaev, 10-year-old Victor. A country house is recorded on it, which, according to the plaintiff, can be used to pay off the debt.

Razgulyaev himself began to ring the bells about this situation. He stated that he had already paid 90 million rubles as a debt, having sold absolutely all his property. But this was not enough. And the creditor got to the property that belongs to the child. The ex-husband of the actress, in desperation, even turned to the press with explanations: “The house was presented to our child by my father-in-law, that is, my grandfather. And the creditor is the godfather of the child. Godmother – Alika Smekhova. And now the godfather is trying to take away the house that belongs to our and Olga’s son Viktor!

– The house will remain with the child, there are practically no other options, – lawyer Oksana Gurina is sure. We don’t know all the details, of course. It is possible that the lender has some reason to do so. Let’s say the house was re-registered for the father-in-law, and then for the child at the time when the lawsuits about debts began. The creditor can file a claim for invalidity of transactions. This is in the event that this property once belonged to the debtor, legally it was not arrested, but in fact it should have been used to pay off the debt. But be that as it may, in our country a child cannot be deprived of his property due to the fact that his father has committed some illegal actions. That is, even if there are grounds for alienating this house until the boy comes of age, the process can be frozen.

In general, in 98 percent of cases, the courts dismiss property claims against minors. It is practically impossible to deprive a child of property, unless you buy him a living space in return, which is larger and more expensive than the one he already has.

Lydia Mezina.

A. Nikerichev/AGN “Moscow”.

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