Oct 17, 2020
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Cabinet: pandemic taught government agencies to work quickly and cohesively

The Cabinet of Ministers believes that the pandemic has taught them rapid and effective interaction. This was stated by Boris Belyakov, director of the government's press service and reference department, at the State Speaks online forum.

We began to interact much faster with colleagues from ministries and departments. And when this work is done in a cohesive and efficient manner, it significantly improves the end result., - he said in response to the question, which of the developments of the last months in the work of officials would be worth keeping in the future.

He also noted that the government is striving for a complete transfer of public services to the online format. However, for those who prefer to receive them in a traditional format (for example, the elderly), this opportunity will remain, reports TASS.

In Russia, the daily dynamics of the spread of coronavirus infection continues to be at a high level. The headquarters announced the identification of another 14,922 patients diagnosed with COVID-19. The day before there were 15,150 cases, the day before - 13,754, wrote.

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