Jan 15, 2022
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Cabinet approves new rules for accreditation of educational institutions

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin approved new rules for state accreditation of educational institutions, according to the government website.

According to the document, from March 1, the procedure for passing state accreditation for schools, colleges and universities will be simplified. Educational organizations will need to go through this procedure only once, and the issued certificate of accreditation will be valid indefinitely.

It is emphasized that educational organizations that already have accreditation valid until March 1 will not have to receive it again.

The main criterion for evaluating institutions will be the quality of student training. For this, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education and Rosobrnadzor have developed separate indicators for schools, colleges and universities, and they will also be used to regularly monitor the quality of education.

It is expected that this will reduce the administrative burden on educational organizations and allow them not to be distracted from their main work.

Earlier it became known about the plans of Rosobrnadzor to conduct the first accreditation monitoring of the quality of education in universities in March 2023.

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