Nov 7, 2021
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Buzova will sue the Moscow Art Theater because of an unpaid fee

Singing presenter Olga Buzova revealed the details of parting with the Maxim Gorky Moscow Art Academic Theater (MKhAT). The star plans to go to court over unpaid royalties.

The star of the TV show “Dom-2” this year decided to expand her sphere of influence and performed on the stage of the Moscow theater. However, her participation in the “Wonderful Georgian” did not please many, among them was the new general director of the Moscow Art Theater Vladimir Kekhman. After taking office, he immediately canceled the production.

In her Instagram account, Buzova said that she was informed about the cancellation of the performance via SMS. Among other things, according to the singer, she did not receive the promised fee – for two appearances on the stage, she should have been paid 450 thousand rubles. She does not plan to leave this situation so easily and is preparing to go to court.

“They don’t get in touch with me. I, as a person who observes the law in all respects, will solve this circumstance with my lawyer, ”the artist told the reporters of the TV program“ You won’t believe it! ”.

However, the conflict with Buzova is not Kekhman’s only harsh decision. Together with the cancellation of the play The Wonderful Georgian, he fired the artistic director Eduard Boyakov, forcing him to write a statement before the end of his five-year contract.

Earlier it became known that after the scandalous departure of the theater-goer, the new general director of the Moscow Art Theater got rid of any mention of him. Boyakov’s name was removed from the list of great theater directors that hung on a building in Moscow.

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