Oct 19, 2021
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Buzova lost her voice

Russian TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova said in a story on her Instagram page that she had lost her voice.

The performer admitted that she had lost her voice only twice in her life. She believes that this time the problem may be related to worries about the upcoming solo concert. Because of this, she had to cancel an important broadcast and some shooting.

Now Buzova is undergoing emergency treatment, she is forbidden to speak for at least the next two or three days. She expressed the hope that the voice can be quickly restored. “Now the main thing is not to be nervous and not to strain your ligaments, you need to be silent,” she added.

Earlier, Olga Buzova said that she took part in the filming of a Hollywood film. “I’ll tell you a secret, I recently had a small episode in a Hollywood movie,” said Buzova. According to her, this is a full-length film that will be shown in Russia as well. At the same time, she chose to keep the name of the film and the name of its director a secret.

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