Oct 20, 2021
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Buy women’s pants: six ways to create an office wardrobe

Buy women's pants: six ways to create an office wardrobe

Six ways to create an office wardrobe

Everyone has long been accustomed to the fact that women’s trousers are a must-have wardrobe item. Classic, practical, but predictable – there is nothing original about it. Couturiers consider such a thought to be a complete delusion that limits the flight of imagination: trousers have many styles, and with the right approach, the vast majority of them can be worn to the office. You will look beautiful, and at the same time, you will not break the rules of the company. In order to make sure of this, study our selection.


At first, Russian women did not understand exactly how to wear culottes. However, it was then discovered that they perfectly suit any style and any body structure. For this reason, over the past 2 years, this model has become more and more popular. Linen and cotton for the summer heat, wool and tweed for spring and autumn. In the office, such trousers are combined with a turtleneck (as in the photo), a shirt or an elongated jacket. They add a drop of negligence, however, they do not go beyond the form.

Classic black pants

According to the pros, if black pants seem boring to you, obviously you’re not wearing them quite right. There are many combinations: with a tucked in or out shirt, with a tunic, a cape and a sweater. Provided that you add scarves, brooches or stoles to the top, then a fashionable bow is simply guaranteed to you. And do not forget – everything is in a restrained style.

Plaid trousers

Traditionally, the dress code assumes uniformity. However, if you buy women’s trousers in a small cage of modest shades, then you can really create an office outfit. However, then the upper part must necessarily be without ornaments, patterns and colored details.

Cropped trousers

Women’s trousers Narrow and cropped options look great with a free cut top – blazers, ponchos, capes, jumpers. Vary the length of the sleeves – this also diversifies the overall look.


Inexpensive women’s clothing One of the most refined options is wide leg pants. The cut is original and very feminine. The highlight is that he creates both evening and business style at the same time. It can also easily identify the minuses of the figure. Therefore, the choice of such trousers should be given a little more time than other models. Look at different lengths and widths, try low and high waist.

Tapered trousers

Breeches are included in the list of universal options. They are combined with a narrow top. They can suit not only slim, but also full young ladies. In the second case, get trousers in muted shades, not very wide on the hip line.

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