Apr 18, 2021
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Button from the series “Daddy’s Daughters” got a job in a fitness club

Ekaterina Starshova, who played the role of Pugovka in the popular project “Daddy’s Daughters”, abandoned her career as an actress.

Button from the series

She is already an adult, studying at a university in a medical specialty. And recently I found a part-time job. Catherine was offered to become an infant fitness trainer in one of the clubs. She agreed.

Now she conducts training twice a week, the 19-year-old lady herself wrote about this on Instagram. The actress teaches children stretching, engages in universal carnal exercises with them.

This is not surprising: after all, before Starshova was engaged in ice dancing. However, two years ago I quit training. For Ekaterina, the main thing now is to study well.

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