Sep 24, 2021
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Butina passed, Prilepin refused: Reshuffle in the new convocation of the State Duma

Member of the OP Maria Butina said that she received the mandate of a State Duma deputy after the refusal of the head of the list for the region. The writer Zakhar Prilepin handed over his mandate to a party member.

Member of the Public Chamber Maria Butina announced that she will become a deputy of the new convocation of the State Duma.

As a result of the elections, Butina did not become a member of parliament from the Kirov region, she ran on the list of United Russia. However, the governor of the Kirov region, Igor Vasiliev, who headed the list in the region, refused the mandate in her favor. Butina reported this to RIA Novosti on Friday, September 24.

Recall that the girl was arrested in the United States and convicted in 2018 for working as an unregistered foreign agent. Tsargrad previously published an interview with Maria Butina within the framework of the Tsargrad Society’s “Soldiers of the Empire” project.

It also became known that one of the leaders of the Fair Russia – For the Truth party, writer Zakhar Prilepin, refused the mandate of a State Duma deputy. The writer handed it over to fellow party member Dmitry Kuznetsov, who headed the Nizhny Novgorod regional party group. “Lenta” informs about Prilepin’s decision.

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