Jan 1, 2022
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But cute: 10 most naughty dog ​​breeds

But cute: 10 most naughty dog ​​breeds

Any dog ​​can be trained, the main thing is attention, kindness, respect and support of the owner, some breeds are just more difficult to train.

The dog is one of the smartest animals in the world, but some of them are stubborn and disobedient, which will not be so easy to educate.

Each breed of dog is different in temperament, character and psyche, so it’s not at all about low intelligence or stupidity. It is simply customary to consider intelligent those dogs that are obedient and quickly understand what the owner wants or does not want to achieve from them. Among dog breeders, there are three main criteria for breed maturity: instinctive and adaptive intelligence, as well as working intelligence and obedience.

Instinctive intelligence is the ability of a breed to perform the tasks for which it was bred: hunting, grazing, guarding, etc. Adaptive refers to the dog’s ability to react independently in a given situation, while working intelligence and obedience refers to the dog’s ability to learn from humans. It is customary to judge a dog’s intelligence based on how many repetitions it takes for a particular breed to learn a new command.

Many dogs are inattentive, show their own will, cunning, a tendency to be stubborn or independent. This is just a personality trait, so don’t be discouraged if your favorite breed makes our list. Any dog ​​can be trained, the main thing is attention, kindness, respect and support of the owner. Some breeds are just harder to train.

Great Dane

A dog with a kind heart, obedient and loyal, but the training process can be lengthy due to the tendency of dogs of this breed to be very stubborn. Such a dog is recommended for people with experience, and not as a first pet. If you have not had any experience in raising dogs before, then a mastiff is unlikely to work.


Dogs of this breed are difficult to train and are very anxious if left alone at home. The breed is not aggressive at all, but rather independent and very mischievous. These dogs are simply bored with learning new tricks, they are easily distracted and do not obey.


This small dog has such qualities as stubbornness and cunning. They also say that a small animal can be recklessly brave, rushing into battle without hesitation, even if the enemy is several times the size of a Pekingese. The breed is difficult to train.


The dog has a quick reaction, good hearing and excellent watchdog qualities. However, the animal does not have a strong memory and is difficult to learn, so it is recommended to start classes with the puppy as early as possible. Also, a dog can be very aggressive with a person whom the Chow-Chow considers a stranger, treats strangers and animals with caution and distrust.


This breed of dog is considered unpredictable in its actions. Bassendzhi are curious and intelligent, but at the same time they are distinguished by independence, stubbornness and caution. Dogs require constant attention, so this breed is not very suitable for too busy people. If in the process of education to apply pressure on the dog, it is unlikely to obey unquestioningly.

Basset hound

The breed was bred to hunt down game, so the dog is best of all chasing prey, and learning something else seems superfluous to it. If a bassette learns something in the ground, it will be very problematic to tear the animal away from its favorite activity, so the owners of the bassetts recommend teaching the puppy the command “Come to me!” From childhood.

Shih tzu

The Shih Tzu is a breed of dog that has been kept by royalty for centuries. They are still very popular among dog owners and are considered companion dogs. Shih Tzu are regal proud and a little mannered. They love attention and cannot stand indifference and loneliness.

Cavalier King Charles

A wonderful family dog, loving and very affectionate, but some owners say it is quite difficult to train the dog. They take a long time to master the commands and do not remember them very well. Although, do you need to memorize them?

Scottish terrier

The Scottish Terrier is a small dog with a lot of personality! They have so much energy, which often overflows, they just do not want to learn boring commands when there are so many interesting things around. And if you strictly insist on your own, the Scotch Terrier will become stubborn and intractable. The breed is considered one of the most difficult to train.


These babies like to think that they are the main ones in their pack. If you give them this opportunity, they will gladly become the head of the family. They often bark to get their way, show possessive behavior. But, if you start with the puppy on time and correctly, he will grow up to be a wonderful pet.


In fact, the Maltese is a very smart breed, but over time, dogs learn to manipulate their owners to get what they want. They are not very interested in treats for which another breed will do whatever they want, but Malteses are very fond of praise. They, like any small dog, are often spoiled by attention, and from this they become capricious, but with consistent training they can become surprisingly intelligent dogs.

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