Jan 29, 2021
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Businessmen protesters in Kiev came to the US embassy

Ukrainian businessmen from different regions of the country, who came to a protest rally called “tax maidan”, got to the US embassy. The participants of the rally want to convey the appeal to the employees of the American diplomatic mission, the 112 Ukraine TV channel reports.

According to the leader of the movement that organized the protests, Sergei Dorotic, the protesters are demanding a reaction from the country’s external partners to the events.

“Ukraine is under external control, the authorities follow the instructions of the United States, the Council of Europe, but do not hear their own citizens,” Dorotych said.

Earlier it was reported that entrepreneurs came out to a protest in the center of Kiev. About a thousand protesters moved in a column, accompanied by bombers and police.

According to available information, the demonstrators are in favor of maintaining a simplified taxation and reporting system, as well as the abolition of mandatory cash registers.

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