Sep 4, 2022
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Businessman makes money by selling hometown air

sale of city airJuan Carlos Alvarado, a young entrepreneur from Medellin, Colombia, claims to earn several hundred dollars a day.

sale of city air

At the same time, the goods that the young man sells are quite unusual – this is the air of his hometown. Many people call Medellin the city of eternal spring because of the mild climate, and this is exactly the kind of spring that Juan Carlos trades. He created an efficient air collector that takes 15 to 30 minutes to collect air, after which the strange product is placed in a bottle. At the same time, the businessman collects not just clean air, but urban air. Juan Carlos refuses to discuss the collector he invented, fearing industrial espionage.

sale of city air

Many call the man a scammer, literally making money out of thin air, but he does not agree with this opinion. Air collection is not easy. In addition, he offers customers to breathe in the quality air of the city of eternal spring by paying $ 5 per bottle.

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