Oct 16, 2021
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Business rules from successful women of the world – useful tips

Business rules from successful women of the world - useful tips

Successful business women share their advice. Pay attention to the success stories and advice from people who have achieved careers and built businesses.

Be active

Almost all successful and famous people adhere to this rule. For example, Ursula Burns, CEO of Xerox, works out twice a week with a personal trainer.

And he prefers to get up with the first rays of the sun. In the morning it is much easier to think, and interesting ideas line up.

In addition, the time before the start of the working day can be devoted to sorting mail and other leisurely activities.


The habit of imagining a different life at one time helped the founder of the Spanx brand, Sarah Blakely. At least the businesswoman has no doubts about it.

While working as a fax machine seller, she often fantasized about starting her own business one day. Dreams came true at the moment when Sarah realized that women simply had nowhere to buy good quality slimming underwear.


Success does not accompany those who are stuck in one place. For example, the CEO of Yahoo! Marisa Mayer does not look back at her professional achievements and believes that her career is in the process of development. Moreover, she is confident that the goal can only be achieved through hard and hard work.

Don’t forget about peace and quiet

Oprah Winfrey believes that, despite the workload and busy work schedule, you need to allow yourself to be in silence for 20 minutes at least twice a day. This puts your thoughts in order and perfectly “recharges” the batteries for new achievements.

Look for a mentor in advance

Without the help and support of a knowledgeable person who went through fire, water and copper pipes, you are unlikely to be able to do everything right. Find a mentor to guide you in the right direction so you don’t get bogged down.

However, this is not an easy task, and the right person may not appear immediately. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO, notes that recruiting a mentor is a painstaking and meticulous process. You have to get to know people, build relationships with them, and only then apply with a request to become a mentor.

Spend your weekend the right way

To make the weekend remember something pleasant, and not endless work, which is enough with your head on weekdays, learn to disconnect from all external stimuli. And especially from social networks.

Mark Zuckerberg’s sister Randy follows this rule. She is the CEO of Zuckerberg Media. The girl assures that people who want to succeed should abandon the hourly check of social media feeds in fear of missing something important.

Better to have a good time, and business will find you on Monday.

Stay a woman

Perhaps this is perhaps the most difficult rule to follow. In a series of endless tasks and deadlines, it’s easy to forget about yourself, family and loved ones.

Margaret Thatcher assured that a real lady, despite her high position and regalia, has no right to forget about the perfect hairstyle and husband.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself

The world of business and high positions often forces people to change and obey its laws. But don’t be afraid to go against the majority opinion. Coco Chanel thought so.

She often said that it is not a person who should follow the crowd, but quite the opposite. Choose your path and follow it.

Don’t focus on perfection

According to Hillary Clinton, perfectionism is the enemy of success. You just can’t do perfect quality things every day. Think about doing the assignments “generally well.” You will have ups, but downs should not be taken too personally.

Don’t be afraid to start over

It will be very difficult to achieve success in your career or reach the top in business if you do not train yourself to give up everything and start over. Mary Kay founder Mary Kay Ash did just that.

She gave up her corporate career at 45 to found one of the world’s leading cosmetics companies. Is this not an example of the fact that it is never too late?

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