May 28, 2022
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Business analyst: what kind of profession is this

Business analyst: what kind of profession is this

Not so long ago, there was no specialist who would conduct business analytics. Only by the beginning of the 2000s in the United States and Europe began to introduce the practice of compiling business processes. To date, a specially trained specialist is engaged in the issue of commercial research. Let’s talk about who a business analyst is, what kind of profession it is and how much it is in demand and highly paid.

What does a business analyst do?

So what does business analytics do? In general, the job of an analyst is to optimize production. The employee creates and studies the structure of the company, finds weak points by creating business processes. About what business processes consist of, we spoke in detail in a separate article.

What does a business analyst do

Most specialists work in the field of consulting, and are hired by entrepreneurs to evaluate production. For example, a small workshop for the preparation of meat and fish products reveals a problem – a significant part of the finished product is written off before reaching the customer. To fix this problem, the company is hiring a business analyst.

The agent must:

  • Review all product documentation;
  • Assess the conditions for the production of canned food;
  • Analyze logistics;
  • Track at what point the finished product is written off.

Having found the cause, promptly eliminate it. But, the analyst is required not only in cases of a problem. Specialists are able to evaluate the opening or expansion of production. Calculate risks, financial costs, payback, etc.

A separate profession – a financial analyst, provides for a full calculation for the creation or promotion of a business. Creates a full budget. The specialist considers how much money is needed for the purchase of equipment and raw materials. Calculates the budget for promotion, the cost of outdoor advertising and logistics.

What is the difference between a business analyst and a systems analyst?

Despite the fact that a systems analyst works closely with a business analyst, the professions are different. To understand the main differences between specialties, it is worth talking about the duties of a systems analyst.

The main activity of a specialist is the analysis of system support. Preparation of technical specifications for developers, drafting documentation for the project. The analyst writes a description for the project, models business processes in visualizers.

What is the difference between a business analyst and a systems analyst

The specialist prepares a task for developers and programmers. Therefore, he needs to understand the basics of programming, navigate in the IT field. Some analysts are trained in SEO from the ground up to develop in terms of site optimization as well.

Business Analyst: Where to start?

If you are interested in the business analyst profession, you need to understand how to start a career. Entry into the profession begins with training. You can study in an online format, on one of the educational platforms. Private practitioners also train.

After training, they can select the best students to serve as assistants. If you study at the expense of an employer company that needs a staff of specialists, then immediately after training, the student begins to work.

Business Analyst: Where to start

Many specialists, having completed training courses, join the freelance exchange. Thus, an analyst can take orders from several companies. To work in this format, you must register the status of self-employed. Thus, your income will be official, deductions are made from profits. SEO promotion and other advertising tools will allow you to increase your client base.

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