Jan 12, 2022
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Burnt-out Marina Khlebnikova will have to wander among friends


Singer Marina Khlebnikova admitted that she was being discharged, but there was nowhere to return.

For the first time in a long time, the artist got in touch and said that the attending physician let her go home. True, it is not yet possible to be in her own apartment. The star will temporarily live with friends.

The 56-year-old singer says that the doctors released her only on condition that she followed all the instructions. The performer did not specify what is on this list, but she told how hard it will be for the next few months. “I can’t go home yet, so I’ll stay with friends who helped me all this time and even organized a fundraiser to restore my apartment“, – admitted Khlebnikova.

The fact is that the star’s room was badly damaged in a fire; repairs have not yet been made there. In addition, when the firefighters extinguished the fire, they flooded other rooms, they will also need to work.

Marina Khlebnikova
Marina Khlebnikova

It is still unknown who Khlebnikova will stay with. Earlier, Andrei Malakhov announced a fundraiser for the restoration of the apartment, which very much touched the star of the 90s. “Thank you all for supporting me during these difficult two months. And separately to each person who helped and continues to help me financially, ”said Marina.

Recall that a fire in the singer’s apartment occurred on November 18. She was miraculously rescued from the burning room – the firemen literally carried Marina out of the fire in their arms. At first, they said that an unextinguished cigarette had led to the incident, later there was a short circuit. The singer herself suggested this version. “I admit how it was: I turned on the computer on which I started the movie in order to sleep. Then my phone and devices with which we went on tour were additionally charged. That is, the load was quite strong. If I fell asleep, then there could well be a short circuit“, – the singer shared her scenario.

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