Jun 22, 2022
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Bulk floors in Tomsk

Bulk floors in Tomskpoured floor in the apartment

Floors are one of the most important details in an apartment, house, office or industrial premises. A variety of levelers and self-leveling floors are now produced. Such floors are distinguished by a high degree of reliability. They serve 15-30 years, depending on the quality of the mixture and the skill of the work done, have a glossy or matte surface. These floors are made not only indoors. The self-leveling floor in Tomsk will be made to you highly professionally from high-quality materials.

Types of self-leveling floor for industrial premises

In production facilities, materials for them that can withstand heavy loads and have the following qualities should be used:

  • withstand high pressure, mechanical stress, vibration load;
  • be resistant to high and low temperatures, as well as to temperature changes;
  • withstand chemical exposure;
  • be hygienic and dust-free, easy to clean;
  • have a non-slip surface.

It is recommended to use floors in industrial conditions:

  • epoxy;
  • polyurethane cement;
  • polymeric.

Each of them has its own properties, there is no universal coverage. Which floor to buy should be determined by a specialist, depending on the requirements.

Epoxy self-leveling floor is used more often indoors. It can only be used outdoors if it is isolated from water penetration. The advantage here is the ability to withstand temperature extremes. Epoxy flooring is resistant to chemicals and is odorless.

Polyurethane cement floors are made up of polyurethane and cement. They are very durable, resistant to moisture and fumes, to chemical influences, as well as to high and low temperatures. Such floors will last 15-20 years and longer.

Polymer flooring is a very elastic coating, but at the same time very durable. It is made on the basis of polyurethane resin. It is resistant to mechanical stress and will last a long time.

Types of self-leveling floor for a house or apartment

For a house or apartment, it is recommended to use epoxy and polyurethane. Caring for such floors is not difficult. Epoxy floors are durable and resistant to various chemicals.

Polyurethane floors do an excellent job at home with temperature changes and humidity. Polyurethane type of floors is considered more durable than epoxy, but their characteristics are similar.

For the floor of the house, it is not necessary to prepare the base, a thin-layer version is enough. But if a 3D image is planned on the floor, then the technology of highly filled floors should be applied. If you are planning to buy a self-leveling floor, the price in Tomsk depends on the materials used and the area to be filled.

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