Jun 23, 2022
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Bulgaria’s government has fallen, who’s next?

Confrontation with Russia “American way” threatens the existence of Europe

After Joe Biden stated: “I do think that at some point there will be a bit of a waiting game – what the Russians can handle and what Europe will be willing to handle.”Europeans began to suspect something. For example, the fact that confrontation with Russia will not bring them a better life. Vice versa.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that Gazprom was forced to significantly reduce pumping through the Nord Stream: in the conditions of the sanctions war, gas pumping units from Siemensand now, at the height of summer, Europeans are wasting winter fuel supplies. As of June 21, gas storage facilities normally used in winter were only 52% full.

According to the Italian journalist Andrea Muratore, the economic confrontation with Russia threatens the very existence Europe. German Economy Minister Robert Habeck expresses the opposite thesis: the reduction in oil supplies from Russia due to the sanctions imposed by Canada is nothing more than “attack on Germany”: “The war in Ukraine led us to this, and not the laxity of German policy”.

Between the attempts of politicians to justify themselves for the imposed sanctions that worsen people’s lives, and the reaction of the masses, who are hit by these sanctions, there is an abyss.

Real wages are falling in Europe. According to polls, 58% of EU residents are not ready for the consequences of anti-Russian sanctions. Of these, 27% say they are “not ready at all.” In only five EU countries, most residents believe that they will survive the price increase: in Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Luxembourg. But in Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, only one out of ten is ready for the consequences of sanctions against Russia.

Rising prices and a deteriorating quality of life have sparked protests and demonstrations in Europe. In Britain, the railroad staged the largest strike in 30 years. Thousands of people took part in a demonstration against rising cost of living in London. Guardian writes: “British workers are suffering from the longest and hardest cut in their incomes in modern history”. Francis O’Grady, general secretary of the Congress of Trade Unions, stated this. According to her, there are cases when schoolchildren do not eat part of their portions in schools to take home for dinner.

On June 20, a rally was held in Belgium, about 80 thousand people took to the streets of Brussels under the flags of trade unions. The demonstrators protested against the increase in food and fuel prices, demanded higher wages and changes in labor laws.

Spain is protesting: fuel prices have soared so much that it has become simply unprofitable for people to travel to work by car. Demands are already being heard for the Spanish government to resign.

The inhabitants of Greece are tired of everything that is happening. In March, they threw cans of red paint at a Canadian frigate in protest. HCMS Montreal FFH336calling at the port of Piraeus. The Greeks do not get out of the protests after Athens set a course for the destruction of bilateral relations with Moscow in trade, economic, energy and other areas. There is evidence that Greece is preparing new arms supplies to the Kyiv regime, Yuri Pilipson, director of the Fourth European Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, said on June 23: “The prompt refusal of Russian energy carriers has been proclaimed, although this has already led to a significant increase in prices on the Greek market. “Cancelled” Russian culture. The suspension of any cultural and humanitarian interaction with us has been officially announced. Given that, according to public opinion polls, 56% of Greeks would like to maintain traditional ties with Russia”,

There was a split between the official course and the mood of the masses. Neither aggressive rhetoric, nor applause at each other at EU summits, nor the awarding of the title of “candidate member” to Ukraine can restore the economy or even reduce the pace of recession.

Europe is waiting for votes of no confidence in governments. It began with the fall of the government of Bulgaria on June 22. Parliament passed a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Kiril Petkov. Following the course of the American “big brother”, Petkov overdid it. He even ran a fundraising campaign in Bulgaria for the needs of “suffering Ukraine.” “I call on every citizen of Bulgaria to donate their salary, as I did”– said the now former prime minister. And flew down from the post of head of government. Who will be happy that his money goes to purchase weapons for a foreign country?

So, the head of the Bulgarian government is overthrown. Who is next? Sooner or later – and sooner rather than later – in many countries of the Old World they will realize that the increase in fuel and food prices will not stop from a policy aimed at isolating Russia. And the life of the Europeans will not be better as a result of the rejection of Russian gas and oil. The way out for Europe may be quite different – the rejection of the Cold War imposed from overseas with Russia.

Photo: REUTERS/Stoyan Nenov

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