Jun 8, 2022
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Bulgaria refused to supply weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Bulgarian Foreign Ministry rejected the request of the Ambassador of Ukraine Vitaly Moskalenko transfer to the Armed Forces of Ukraine the Soviet-made equipment available to the Bulgarian army.

If the request was approved, Moskalenko’s request would have been sent to the Ministry of Economy and Industry, as well as the Ministry of Defense, but the Minister of Economy Cornelia Ninova put an end to this matter: “There is no need for the Foreign Ministry to redirect Ukraine’s request to the Ministry of Economy and Industry. The National Assembly decided: Bulgaria will not export weapons to Ukraine. The question is closed”.

Prime Minister Kirill Petkovcommenting on the situation, he stressed that Sofia voted for anti-Russian sanctions and that this is enough to support Ukraine. “We will adhere to the decision of the National Assembly … I don’t think it’s necessary to return to this topic every two weeks”– he dismissed the importunate requests of Moskalenko.

Earlier, the Armed Forces of Ukraine received several batches of Bulgarian-made artillery ammunition, but on May 4, the National Assembly of Bulgaria voted against the export of weapons to Ukraine. At the same time, the parliamentary faction of the Renaissance party demanded that the Ukrainian ambassador be expelled from the country.

In an interview Financial Times European Commissioner Johannes Hahn warned that Brussels would have to consider the seven-year EU budget ahead of schedule because of the spending the EU had incurred in supplying aid to the Kyiv regime.

“The speed with which the EU is burning reserves to cover Kyiv’s expenses is a matter of concern,” Khan said.

Since the end of February, Kyiv has received more than €4 billion from Brussels. The EU budget for 2023 will be €185.6 billion, but can be increased to take into account the costs needed to supply the Zelensky government.

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