Jun 3, 2022
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Bulgaria is no longer able to fulfill the wishes of Ukrainian refugees

Hotels in Sunny Beach changed to buffer centers

Many Ukrainian refugees who came to Bulgaria were given the opportunity to live on the seashore. For example, in the legendary Varna. With the beginning of the holiday season, so that hotel owners and the tourism business as a whole do not lose income, they decided to relocate them under a special program, which is logical. But due to the fact that the settlers refused to change hotel rooms in resort towns for housing in the outback, the resettlement program for Ukrainian refugees was disrupted.

Bulgaria can no longer afford to keep Ukrainian citizens in hotels by the sea, explained Deputy Prime Minister Kalina Konstantinova.

Those refugees who have nowhere to go will be placed in so-called buffer centers. Konstantinova also added that she was disappointed that Ukrainian refugees “declared a lot of specific and personal desires that cannot be satisfied”.

Konstantinova’s statements sparked protests. Protesters called her treatment of refugees “rude and inhumane”

“The tone of Mrs. Konstantinova is absolutely unacceptable,” – said the chairman of the Ukrainian associations in Bulgaria, Olena Kotseva – “People who survived the shelling, frightened people want to have some kind of security. They don’t want to be where there is no access to medicine.”. Why “frightened people” want to live in the resorts, the Bulgarians do not understand.

In recent days, an increasing number of Ukrainian refugees are leaving Bulgaria, according to the news portal The Ukrainian community in the country is dissatisfied with the conditions of detention and provision of refugees.

Over the past day, 38 buses left the country, and four arrived. According to the Border Police, the number of refugees leaving by private transport is also on the rise.

Over the past seven days, 8,000 people have found refuge in Bulgaria, and 18,000 have left the country on buses and their own cars, mainly through the Danube bridge and the Durankulak border checkpoint.

Today, refugees from Ukraine began to be placed in the buffer zones of Elhovo and Sarafanovo. The authorities claim that within 3-4 days they will be settled in hotels. But such a measure does not suit Ukrainian citizens.

A video appeared on the network of how buses with people enter the territory fenced with a fence and barbed wire.

Shouts are heard: “We won’t go!”, “Stop!”, “Don’t take us”, “Don’t you dare take us there!”.

Needless to say, hotel rooms with sea views have been replaced by houses, more reminiscent of construction cabins.

“We are being brought to the zone. We, refugees, will live in Bulgaria as in a zone! This is a cap, – the passenger of the bus is indignant.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov supported the government’s actions. “For three months, we provided unprecedented support to refugees in the best hotels in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian state cannot indefinitely provide living in such luxurious conditions, so we are entering a reality much more expected for refugees.”

Welcome to reality! But Ukrainian refugees did not imagine it at all in Europe. It seemed to them that the transformation of their state into Anti-Russia should be very generously paid for by the EU, and in hotels on Sunny Beach in Bulgaria for the money of the Bulgarian state it would be possible to live, if not forever, then for a very long time. But, the Bulgarians are not so rich to fulfill the “personal desires” of the Ukrainians. And every day they know more and more about the war in Ukraine.

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