May 5, 2022
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Bucks for 65 rubles: Russia declared an anti-dollar war on America

Bucks for 65 rubles: Russia declared an anti-dollar war on America

Photo: Donat Sorokin/TASS

“Chief, it’s all gone!” – approximately in this spirit, publications came across the ocean, by the way, very stingy on computer science, about the catastrophic US trade deficit, which in March 2022 rose to a record high level. The Reuters news agency believes that the negative voiced by the US Department of Commerce on April 4 will become a brake on the development of the US economy.

So, the US foreign trade deficit widened to $109.8 billion in March, with both imports and exports reaching record highs amid rising prices. Here we need explanations, which we will dwell on in more detail.

Apparently, the Yankees in the past covid years have not only eaten up warehouse stocks and are now replenishing them, as for the last time, they have also become lazy. This is indirectly written by the economic portal The Balance. Here is a direct quote: the main “problem of the trade deficit is the assessment of the competitiveness of the US economy itself. Buying goods abroad for a sufficiently long period, American companies lose their experience and even factories for the production of these products. As the country loses competitiveness, it outsources more jobs, which lowers its standard of living.”

At the same time, the White House is forced to print dollars in order to somehow support the American way of life, which makes the country a “vacuum cleaner of brains.” But it seems that the lure is no longer paying off, since the States have been flooded with “Chubais” of all stripes and pseudo-scientists.

This, in particular, is evidenced by the loss of undisputed leadership in the semiconductor industry. “Industrial giants (USA), including Intel, Micron, Broadcom, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments, manufacture their chips abroad or enter into contracts with foreign companies,” emphasizes, for example, an American Chinese Chi Hong WeiAssociate Professor at the Institute of European and American Studies Academia Sinica. This means that the Yankees buy these products overseas.

American economists, surveyed in early March by the world’s leading marketing company Trading Economics, expected the trade deficit to widen to $107 billion in the first month of spring. In fact, the Americans have recently become obsessed with the manipulation of information, since the sale of “air” is becoming one of the most profitable export items. As they say, watch the hands of the stars and stripes partners.

We also add that in February 2022, according to revised data, the deficit was $ 89.8 billion, and not $ 89.2 billion, as previously reported by the US Department of Commerce. So, when the March updates come out, it will turn out that the situation was worse.

But even according to official data, the announced trade deficit accelerated by 22.3% compared to a month earlier against the backdrop of furious imports. Its growth is mainly due to the increase in purchases of metal products, oil, clothing and footwear, as well as consumer goods, furniture, computers and cars. At the same time, the US gross domestic product is shrinking by 1.4% year on year.

As explained on the fingers Kimberly Amadeopresident of the World Money Watch portal and part-time expert on the American and global economy, “this is because the volume of goods that American businesses and consumers purchased from abroad outpaced purchases of US goods and services from other economies.” The fact is that the real purchasing power of the dollar is overheated, which is what the Yankees use. In short, it’s all about freebies.

Other analysts note that, taking into account inflation, the trade balance deficit in March increased even more – to $ 137.8 billion. And here the Yankees are cunning, citing in reality false information about the allegedly “cleared from the price index” indicators.

This practice is ridiculed on overseas forums, such as “you come to the store for a basket of products and they show you month-old price tags, and at the checkout they demand 10% more and say:“ Inflation, sir. ”

By the way, local experts explain the jump in the trade deficit, albeit not directly, by the increase in energy prices after the start of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine. In reality, the sanctions against the Russian Federation exposed the inferiority of the dollar, whose value was largely artificially supported, including by our country.

To make it clear, let’s say: in 2021, US imports amounted to almost $ 2.9 trillion, and exports – about $ 1.8 trillion. In other words, the Yankees imported $1.1 trillion worth of goods for free and admitted to the largest shortage of goods in history. But what’s interesting is that US services exports reached $766.6 billion last year, up $60.9 billion from 2020. Thus, the States actually sold “live” goods for only $ 1 trillion.

Some will say, “software is expensive,” but marketing services dominate the deciphering of service exports. I remember that in the dashing 90s, the “expropriators” of socialist property laundered free loot just through fake marketing services.

There is no doubt that the Yankees are aware of the real state of affairs and are now doing everything possible and, as a rule, impossible to live for free in the future, that is, producing goods for one dollar, but buying for three.

And it’s a no brainer that for that kind of money, Washington will arrange three “Ukraines.” One is already fighting under the leadership of Uncle Sam, the second is Iran (the United States disrupted the negotiations in Vienna), and the third is Taiwan, which the star-striped “freedom fighters” are pumping with weapons, pulling the Chinese dragon by the mustache. Exactly as they did with the Russian bear, trying, nevertheless, to skin him, as before February 24th.

According to Bloomberg estimates, the US increased oil imports in March (including Russian) to $24.8 billion, the highest level since 2014. But what is interesting is that the export of black gold from America to Europe has grown to a maximum in six years to about 280 thousand tons – since 2016, when the United States allowed the export of raw materials.

As you know, the European Union, not without pressure from Uncle Sam, seeks to reduce its dependence on Russian oil and gas. The joke, however, lies in the fact that the Americans came up with the so-called Latvian mixture, in which 49% of our oil. However, nothing surprising, it’s the Yankees!

Russia, on the other hand, has been supplying the world market with significantly more goods for the past three decades than it buys abroad. The Russian Federation was even called a raw materials appendage of the West, the main beneficiary of which is the United States. With the imposition of sanctions, it suddenly turned out that there was nowhere to put dollars in the gas station country, as clearly evidenced by the fact that the dollar fell on Forex – from 154 rubles on March 7 to 65 rubles and kopecks on April 5 (13:25 Moscow time).

By the way, Ukrainian experts bitterly admit that Biden blew when he promised them a dollar for 200 “wooden”. According to the information that the Kyiv regime now has, the Yankees are doing their best to maintain the scheme of exchanging gas, oil, metals, fertilizers and food for an unsecured dollar, while Moscow has a chance to get off the raw material needle.

Indeed, Moscow shows by its own example what happens to the national currency if you refuse to buy empty American debt securities. When someone from our highest echelons of power claims to continue to have a dollar stash, then he is either a useful idiot of the USA, or an undercover fifth column agent. There is no third. The experience of, for example, South Korea and France shows that the national industry can be self-sufficient even with a smaller population.

Now the special operation in Ukraine is branching off into Russia’s anti-dollar war against the United States, Zhovto-Blakyt experts admit in economic publics. They state that the Yankees clearly did not calculate with the sanctions. Not just like that Zelensky yells that “it will not allow a sluggish conflict (at its current stage) for several years.” He simply repeats after the puppeteers about the “pain”. Of course, none of the serious experts will undertake to make medium-term forecasts, but the current situation is definitely hitting the dollar and the American standard of living.

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