Apr 4, 2021
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Brussels threatened Georgia with sanctions and deterioration of relations

Internal political crisis in Georgia grows into foreign policy

Attempt by the EU special representative Christian Danielsson reconciling the warring political forces in Georgia was not crowned with success – no compromise was found. The political crisis in the country not only continues, but also threatens to develop into a foreign policy crisis, and the future of relations between Tbilisi and Brussels is under threat.

After Danielsson returned to Brussels, he met with MEPs. The result of this meeting was a joint message of seven MEPs to Georgian politicians.

“We are deeply disappointed by the political leaders in Georgia who have failed to reach an agreement despite all the efforts made by the European Union to help end the current political crisis. This is the fault of both the ruling and the main opposition parties that participated in the discussions. But a special responsibility falls on the ruling party “,

– said in a joint statement of European parliamentarians.

Brussels insists on toughening the conditions for providing macro-financial assistance to Georgia. The document also says that Georgia will not be able to return to its former relations with the European Union, “as if nothing had happened.”

“The European Parliament, in particular, calls for the suspension of further payments of financial assistance to Georgia and the inclusion of additional conditions in the macro-financial assistance program and in the European programs to support the budget of Georgia,”

– noted in the statement.

Thus, Georgia runs the risk of losing about 60 million euros of macro-financial European assistance, planned for the current year.

According to the Vice President of the Center for International and Strategic Studies, Director of European Programs Heather Conley, for the political forces of Georgia, the main thing is not the fate of the country, but political trade, which they are doing against the background of the crisis in all spheres. According to her, protest is, of course, a democratic right, but everything is fine in moderation and protests should be replaced by compromises.

“The most important thing for the opposition is to take seats in parliament and fight for reforms from there, and this will be a more productive way to change and reform Georgia,”

– Conoli was convinced.

EU Ambassador to Tbilisi Karl Harzel warns that the message of the MEPs should be taken seriously, this is a specific message from Brussels that cannot be ignored.

The opposition took the published statement of Brussels with enthusiasm, stating that they did not disrupt the negotiations, they did not see their fault, and that the ruling Georgian Dream party was to blame for everything.

However, the Georgian authorities do not believe that the statement of seven MEPs (to which, by the way, another MEP joined on Saturday) will somehow be able to influence “The existing strategic relationship between the EU and Georgia”

“The position of these seven MEPs, who threaten with sanctions, is unclear. For reference, there are several dozen MEPs. However, the worst and most distressing is the jubilation that arose in the opposition, while it is their fault that so far we have not been able to reach an agreement. This is the real picture, not that the EU has decided to impose sanctions. I do not think that the statement of seven parliamentarians can somehow affect the strategic direction, which is important not only for Georgia, but also for all EU countries, ”

– said the first vice speaker of the Georgian parliament Gia Volsky

There is no question of making another attempt to reach an agreement – the leaders of the opposition parties were planning a new series of protests on Saturday.

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